11 Summer Plans You Can Do For Very Little Money

The summer season has arrived with its long, sunny days full of promise. If you are looking for cheap or directly free proposals, we have 11 summer plans that you can do for very little money.

Are you keen to find new plans for this summer 2019 but without letting go of a kidney in expenses? In this article we collect some cheap leisure ideas for the summer months, suitable for spending time outdoors, enjoy sports and rural and coastal activities or go to music festivals, jump into adventure with the backpack and the tent under the arm or forget at a stroke of technology and start living more slowly and quietly.

It does not matter if you are addicted to the adrenaline of risk, a staunch fan of independent films, an animal lover or an inveterate music lover with a desire for live music ... In this compilation, you will find proposals of all tastes and for all tastes. These are the best plans for summer without spending (barely) money.

Picnic in good company

Prepare delicious sandwiches, fresh fruit, an original salad, cold beers and go to a remote place with your partner, family or friends is one of the star plans of summer, and it will hardly cost you the handful of euros you invest in acquiring the products necessary to prepare the pecking.

Sea, mountain, a natural park, forest ... Come to an incredible landscape, connect with the elemental and take the opportunity to relax reading, drawing, carrying board games or musical instruments. And do not forget to check the weather forecast!

Verbenas, pilgrimages and other holidays to keep

Searching for well-being or centering vacations in exotic and remote places is as absurd as it is expensive. In addition to natural secrets, views of infarction and a spectacular quality of life, returning in summer to the town entails multiple local festivals, pilgrimages of long gastronomic tradition and festivals full of popular music, fun and summer nights full of charm. You can check all the existing festivities on platforms such as Our parties or Portal parties.

Outdoor cinema

In many cities like Madrid, there are summer outdoor cinema circuits that will allow you to enjoy the seventh art in squares, parks or other public spaces, with proposals ranging from the great classics to specialized thematic cycles or independent tapes.

Another option of homemade cutting is if you have a garden or roof and you have your own projector, organize your own cinematic nights in outer space. Popcorn, fresh drinks, sunbeds and the best company for a spectacular evening.

Surf, in search of the perfect wave

Surfing is a palliative against stress and anxiety that not only improves your muscles, your cardio respiratory system, your balance or your concentration but also allows you to make friends, enjoy an activity in the middle of nature and look for spectacular beaches where you can fly over the crest of the wave.

The average price of a class in Spain is around 34 euros, according to a comparison of the Surf holidays software after analyzing 1,250 surf schools in the world to develop the World Index of Prices for Surf Lessons. Our country is the second most economic in Europe and the eleventh in the world, in a ranking led by Ecuador, where classes are worth 19 euros.

What are we going on route!

Hiking, trekking or excursions are the most appetizing activities to be carried out in the summer period, however, taking into account that they are not appropriate especially for the most sensitive segments of the population in the hottest days.

Incredible your specialized footwear, fill the canteen with fresh water, trace your route and enjoy a good walk. To plan and get accurate knowledge you can pull the best apps for hiking like Google Maps, Outdoor Active, Komoot or MapMyHike.

Sleep under the stars in a sleeping bag

Going camping is one of the cheapest, most sustainable and, above all, special types of holidays that exist. There are even countries like Sweden where you can camp on any public land without authorization. Sleeping in the open air with the sound of crickets or the soft glow of fireflies, making a small bonfire or furrowing places with your tent and your shoulder mat will turn into an experience tinged with magic. Not in vain they say that once you're a backpacker, it's forever.

It is advisable to consult apps to go camping like Sun Locator -which reveals the position of the sun during the day according to the time of year-, Bubble level -to level the store based on the land-, Around me to find nearby services, SOS Emergencies for possible problems, Mosquito Alert, Star Walk - if you are passionate about constellations and stars -, Map of Life - it will help you to identify the flora and the local fauna - or Mushtool, for expert mushroom seekers. Check out our collection of the best gadgets for adventurous travelers.

Walker, there is no path, the path is made by walking

The Santiago's road has different routes -primitive, English, French or Northern, among others- that you can perform, completing the various stages according to the time you have or your physical condition.

It is an experience tinged with culture, history, spirituality, and gastronomy that will mark your summer. You can download the official application of the Santiago's road thanks to which you will have in real time resources such as ruyas, the official network of hostels, where to eat, weather forecast or events such as parties, concerts, and workshops. In addition, in the My experience portal, you can save text notes and photographs to capture your most unforgettable moments.

However, you also have other unforgettable and less known experiences throughout the Spanish geography, such as the Quixote Route through La Mancha or the Camino del Cid (from Burgos to Alicante).

Free workshops in your city

Without leaving your city you can find free events, cheap workshops and free courses organized by the city council and according to your interests and concerns, from cooking to photography or theater, through participation in an ecological community garden or different handicrafts such as ceramics, painting, sewing or clay.

You can also put Do You Yourself into practice and cultivate your hobbies throughout the summer. Search for secret places in the city to complete an album of photos, take up that novel you have collecting dust in a drawer, write your own book, make your furniture or plant your own vegetables at home.

Blue summer in the van

Logically, if you do not have your own, the cheapest option is to rent a van or motor home, remembering that you will save a lot in accommodation and also, you will not have limits when it comes to launching the adventure and traveling along or alone. You can do it through platforms such as Yescapa, Vanvango or McRent.

According to the recommendations of Furgosfera some of the applications that will help you are Maps.me -where you will find routes, gas stations, supermarkets and other places of interest-, Park4night -you will know where to park for the night and find very useful maps at your disposal - or Camper contact, which has more than 19,000 places to stop and overnight in 39 European countries.

Cooking has been said!

More than ever, summer can be a fantastic and creative time to start experimenting among the stoves, exploring other cuisines of the world and enjoy a more conscious and leisurely diet. Cooking is especially positive for mental health, with benefits such as stress reduction, positive emotions associated with creativity or increased well-being and satisfaction with life.

Find out what are the best seasonal products of the summer, dive into the blogosphere, Pinterest, Instagram or Youtube in search of good ideas that awaken your imagination and get lost in long afternoons, chopping, baking, seasoning, seasoning and tasting your creations in good company.

Check out this list of apps to cook at home, the best YouTube channels to cook sushi or the 11 essential cookbooks to eat delicious and healthy. Do not miss the opportunity to learn about these 15 original cooking tools that will make your life much easier.


The option of volunteering is very satisfactory, collaborating in useful initiatives that help groups that are discriminated against, vulnerable or at risk of exclusion, that preserve the local fauna and flora, that improve social inclusion or that seek cleaner towns and cities. Diverse you can collaborate with an animal or protective sanctuary in your area, volunteer an environmental type, work on projects with the elderly or migrant population and a long list...