Xiaomi launches a smart shirt capable of making electrocardiograms

Xiaomi is the brand that sells cheap and without lowering quality that other brands expensive to almost prohibitive. An example of this may be some of your mobiles or this smart shirt that will go on sale on July 20.

Long-lasting ballpoint pens, hand massagers ... Xiaomi has no limits when it comes to making the jump to the sale of new products. Now he has announced that he will put on sale through his brand Zemph some smart clothes. For now, the first step will be a shirt focused on athletes and people concerned about their health.

If we talked a long time ago that the new Apple Watch had the function of making electrocardiograms, this smart shirt also makes electrocardiograms, measures heart rate, distance traveled and lung capacity, as well as other data that records the body and communicates to the smartphone to keep track of health status and progress.

The t-shirt is connected by bluetooth to the mobile to transfer the data and has all the electronic elements well concealed inside the fabric so that they do not appear eye-catching, but without making them uncomfortable to the user. It is breathable and is focused on athletes, so you should not worry if someone wants to buy it for the gym or run: it is designed for those activities.

The battery is recharged by micro-USB and has a SensElast 3D system on the back to keep your back in good posture and without bending.

As for the announced price, will be 199 yuan, about 25 euros to change. A product especially cheap for all the novelties that it incorporates. It will be launched through a crowdfunding campaign and will be available in all sizes for adults.