What Jeff Bezos uses two pizzas at Amazon Meetings?

Within the success of Amazon come into play various factors, from the diversification of the product portfolio to the acquisition of prestigious startups. But in the rise of the ecommerce giant also have relevance ... two pizzas!

There are many curiosities about Amazon and its CEO, Jeff Bezos, the richest person in modern history: from the humble beginnings of the digital bookshop conceived in a garage back in the nineties to the strangest and most peculiar products of its extensive catalog, your secret lab or the dirty war of sellers against eBay. Today the trick of the Amazon CEO comes in a brown box and tastes like mozzarella, oregano and tomato sauce: if it's a pizza, or rather two pizzas closely linked to the success of the ecommerce company.

Jeff Bezos has been characterized by having peculiar productivity techniques around his employees -including controversial and precarious measures, which have led to several strikes by the group of workers in Spanish centers-: from valuing fear as a source of motivation to prohibit the PowerPoint in meetings. Pizza also matters in these, and we tell you why.

In case you were thinking about it, the Amazon CEO does not bribe his employees to attend their 3 o'clock meeting using pizza. However, this measure, taking advantage of the famous dishes of Italian cuisine, is oriented to keep the meetings productive. Baptized by Bezos as the "rule of the two pizzas", the rule is that the CEO will only hold meetings in which two pizzas serve to feed the entire group. If the group that has met is too large for this amount of food, the meeting will not take place.

This initiative -which uses the two pizzas as a scale or measure of the people who can participate in the meeting so that it is fruitful- seeks to avoid unproductive meetings, one in which no real progress is made, time is lost and it is prolonged more of what is necessary. Bezos believes that the amount of people in a meeting is inversely proportional to how productive it will be, so the smaller the group, the better for everyone. In this way, no one will be inhibited to express their opinion nor will the vision of a single leader be accepted.

One of the purposes of the CEO of Amazon is that independent ideas prevail over group thinking, existing diverse views, freedom of opinion and decisions considered by the group as a whole.