What is the Progressive Web Application?

You may not have stopped to think about what differentiates one application from another, but there are several types of applications and each one offers different possibilities, some can even be found in different formats, but only one of these types is the one that it is being strengthened more in recent years. Do you know what a Progressive Web Application is and what is it? We tell you.

Sure you have the mobile full of applications that you have downloaded and installed, but there are other ways to use an application without having to occupy so much space on your phone or spend a lot of mobile data. Today we will explain what PWA or Progressive Web Applications consist of and what differentiates them from other applications.

In recent years, these types of applications have become very fashionable due to the many advantages they offer. They are a hybrid between native applications and web applications, a point halfway between them that we had been waiting for a while. But let's explain each of these three models to make it easier to understand the differences.

A native application is one that you download and install on your mobile. For this, they have been developed specifically to be compatible and operate within a specific operating system, such as Android, iOS or Windows.

On the other hand, there are web applications that are used from a browser and you can do practically the same as in the native application. This may be the case with Twitter and Facebook that you can also use in Google Chrome. With these two extremes clear, we can now talk about the Progressive Web Applications, which bring together many of the benefits of the other two options.

Thanks to the use of Service Workers and other technologies, PWA can continue running in the background without having to depend on the browser. In mobile phones we can install them as one more application, while in Windows computers it depends on the help of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Some of the advantages that have influenced that these applications have become so fashionable, is how easy it is to develop them compared to native applications. They also allow you to receive notifications and try a lighter version that does not occupy so much memory space before deciding whether to jump to the native application, if it exists.

To give you a clearer idea of what we are talking about, Twitter launched a lighter version for those mobile phones that did not have so much performance, or space, and to create it, opted for a progressive web application. Looking for it in the browser of our mobile, it is only necessary to enter the browser options and select the "Add to home page". Immediately we will have it among the rest of our applications and working in a way very similar to the native application.

Another way to install an application of this type on the computer through Google Chrome is to go to the menu functions and select the option Create direct access. Before finalizing it will ask you if that is the step that you want to give and it will add the application in the system as one more and you will be able to access it directly without having to go through the browser.