The Simple Trick to Eliminate the Crutches, Revealed By Harvard

Did you know that on average we use around 5 spins in a minute? The use of empty words of content such as "you know?", "Eh" or "you understand me?" Has an explanation and, fortunately, also fix. Try this simple trick to eliminate the crutches.

If we write all the times we add a "you know?", A "can I explain?" Or "do you understand?" Unnecessarily at the end of a sentence, just to continue talking, introducing an "eh" between sentences and phrase, we would probably be surprised at the abusive use we make of the crutches.

According to Harvard, on average we use 5 clips per minute. This, in addition to making you lose the interest of your audience, also reduces your credibility by giving you a less secure image of yourself and, therefore, questioning the content of what you are saying.

However, nerves do not have to be the reason why we use tricks. On many occasions, we use these empty words of content because we have forgotten what we were going to say next, or a specific term that we want to use. While we try to remember it we fill the silence with an "ehhm ..." or similar.

Once the cause of the crutches is understood, it is easier to fix it. From Harvard Business Review propose a surprisingly simple but effective exercise to eliminate the crutches: it is to change them by silence.

The first thing you should do is record yourself speaking, preferably giving a speech but you can also do it during a conversation with friends. Then listen to the recording and write down all the crickets you have used.

Once you are aware of which phrases you use most often, it's time to suppress them. Every time you notice that you are going to say "eh", "you know?", "Do you understand me?" Or similar, get used to stop and pause between 2 and 3 seconds. Take advantage of the silence to remember that word that you have forgotten.

You can practice this at home, recording while you talk about what you have done in the day, itself. You can also ask your family and friends to scold you every time you say a crutch, making you even more aware of it.

Although 2 or 3 seconds of silence may seem like an eternity, it will actually play to your favor giving you more authority. When the pause is less than 5 seconds it serves to keep the audience hooked as the suspense comes into play. In addition, it will show that you are a sensible person, who measures your words and has control over what you communicate. Last but not least, it will help you calm your nerves and organize your thoughts to keep throwing a powerful message.