The Iphone Can Be Used As A DNI in Germany Soon

Very soon, in Germany it will be possible to use the iPhone as a DNI, that is, a digital identity card with which we can identify ourselves at airports, official bodies, and in the future, even when it comes to voting.

The Federal Ministry of the Interior of Germany has announced this new service, which will scan the ID with an iPhone using iOS 13, and use the mobile phone as a digital identity card. Taking into account the influence of Germany in the rest of the countries of the European Union, it is quite probable that we will soon be able to do the same in Spain.

This is possible because in iOS 13, Apple will unlock its NFC chip. So far the chip, which allows data exchange at close range, could only be used with NFC reading devices compatible with bank cards that Apple Pay accepts. But in iOS 13 Apple will unlock the use of the NFC chip, which means that it can be used in a multitude of third-party applications.

That Apple unlocks the NFC chip in iOS 13 does not mean that any app can use it to send or receive data from the iPhone. Apple will have to approve personally all the measures that want to use the chip, including the German government to scan the ID with the iPhone.

Germany is going to launch an app called ID card App 2 that will allow German citizens to scan their ID through the NFC connection of the iPhone. The data of the DNI will be encrypted in the mobile, as it happens now with the bank cards that are used in Apple Pay, and can be used as a digital identity card to identify you.

The German government has confirmed its use in official buildings and airports, but it is sure to spread to other areas little by little.

Germany is not the only country where they will use the iPhone as a DNI. Japan has also approved the same measure, and in the United Kingdom residents of the European Union will be able to use it to identify themselves at airports, whether Brexit is present or not.