So You Can Pay Traffic Fines Online, Step By Step

At the time of paying a fine online traffic accounts with multiple options at your disposal. We explain them, step by step, in this article.

The Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) makes available to offenders a wide variety of formulas to make the payment of their penalty, although of all surely the most comfortable is to do it online. How to pay a fine online? We tell you how is the process.

To start, you have to access the new Electronic Headquarters of the DGT, where you will find several tabs. If you place the cursor on the 'Fines', you will see several sections, the first being the 'Pay your fine'.

Once inside, the left part of the page consists of all the information you need to know to carry out the process, and that we summarize:

  • You have to have a credit or debit card
  • You need to know what are the file number of your fine and the date of notification of it
  • In the fine there is a QR code that includes all the necessary data to make the payment
  • It does not have to be the offender who is responsible for paying the fine
  • If you make the payment online, the operation has no cost (do it in a Post Office, for example, if it means an additional cost)
  • When entering the amount, you have to do it with the total specified in the fine; it is the system itself that is responsible for making the 50% reduction if the payment is being made during the 20 days following the notification of the same

With all this clarified, on the right side you have two options to make the payment and a third in which to get the receipt of it once you have made it.

The first is for you to pay using your personal password, whose main advantage is that you can check what are the pending penalties you have, both yours and people to wings that you represent, and can even pay them all at once.

The second is to make the payment without prior identification, for which you only need the file number of your fine and the date of notification of it.