Humans are developing a "Horn" to use both the Mobile

Is it possible to develop a completely new bone? Do not repair an existing one, but create a new bone in some part of the body. It seems so, or so Dr. David Shahar thinks, arguing that the use of mobile phones is causing a new bone to be created in the back of the head.

To check if a bone is growing in your head, all you have to do is feel the lower back of the skull. If we notice a kind of "peak", it is that we are developing the new bone. Now, what is all this about?

As we say, Dr. David Shahar says that the use of mobile phones is causing a new bone to develop. That is, the mobiles have changed our way of living completely, since we use them for practically any task, and in addition to certain injuries, are now also responsible for creating new bones?

This phenomenon would have nothing to do with radiation, much less, but with the "compensation" that the body makes for the position we have for so many hours throughout the day to see the phone. That is, it is a bony protuberance that "is born" to compensate the weight of the skull in the posture that keeps the neck when looking at the mobile phone.

Shahar's study is composed of an analysis of 218 radiographs of the lateral cervical spine, which is how this bony peak can be detected, of young people between 18 and 30 years old. Of this group, 41% had the bulk, and of that percentage, 10% have a peak of at least 20 millimeters in length.

It is somewhat more common in men than in women, with 67% in men and 20% in women, and the size of this protuberance also varies depending on sex, with the peak of 35.7 mm in a man , and 25.5 millimeters in a woman.


Is it something dangerous? According to Shahar, no, since it is something common in older people in other parts of the body and there are rarely painful cases. The novelty is that this new "bone" has appeared in young people in recent years, and the explanation is that we comment: the "fault" of the creation of the new bone is mobile.