How the Netflix algorithm that recommends series or movies works

Netflix recommendations are not random, but behind them there is an automatic learning algorithm that knows you almost as well as your own family. How does this algorithm work?

When we open a new account on Netflix, the system will tell us that we select some series and movies of our favorites, and far from being a mere statistical data, what is done is to start training that algorithm so that we begin to recommend series and related movies

As we go through series and movies, we value them, we see them a little bit and we abandon them, or we see ourselves for a whole season, all this is taken into account by the Netflix algorithm that will try to be more precise with everything we are recommends, opening us a range of multimedia entertainment possibilities almost infinite.

Well, this whole process will be taken into account for the famous Netflix recommendation system and in the following article we give you many of its details.

How the Netflix series and movie recommendation system works

In short, we will tell you that Netflix uses a combination of machine learning, user data and algorithms to organize your content and decide what to show you and what not to show on your account.

Among the factors taken into account to show you recommended content would be the following:

  • How we interact with the service, something that takes into account our visualization history, navigation, search queries and personal content qualifications.
  • Data collected from other Netflix members with interests similar to yours.
  • They take into account the genre that you visualize most, the categories, the years of premiere, even the actors that participate.

To all the above, we must add other factors that perhaps do not have such a huge weight as those previously mentioned, but that are also taken into account as the hours in which we usually consume content, the type of devices we use or the time that We passed in front of Netflix.

All this is fine, but the movie I want is not on Netflix

To do this you can use the request form of series or movies through which you can send up to three suggestions of titles that could be taken into account, or not, by the platform itself to bring in the future.

In principle this is going to serve you rather little if what you want is to release a series or a movie that no one else wants to see. In any case it serves the platform to obtain additional data about series or movies that are not yet, but with thousands of users who have suggested them.

The rating system

The Netflix rating system is as simple as it is controversial. Depending on the version of the Netflix application that you have, you can rate the movies with a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down, or directly by putting them from 1 to 5 stars. Currently the Netflix applications that we are using only require us to choose a thumbs up if we liked the movie or series, or a thumbs down if we have disliked. Previously, in the Netflix version of last year, we were allowed to put 1 to 5 stars.

This will help Netflix to know which movies or series they like the most, and therefore renew them or not on the grid when the contract ends.

This way you already know how the Netflix recommendation system works and what you could do to participate much more in it.