How much does the world's first 8K OLED TV cost?

LG will launch this week in South Korea its 88-inch 8K OLED resolution TV called "88Z9", which will reach North America and Europe later this year. We tell you what is its price and benefits.

LG has announced the launch of its new 88-inch 8K OLED television, which will be available this week in South Korea, and which will reach the North American and European markets by the end of 2019.

The 88Z9 model, as it is called, will sell for about 42,000 dollars (about 37,400 euros), according to The Verge. The pre-booking price starts at 34,000 dollars (about 30,300 euros).

With an 8K resolution, the LG 88Z9 is four times sharper than the 4K, and 16 times sharper than the 1080p.

Currently there is not much content of 8K resolution, and it is likely to remain that way, at least in the near future. There are some 8K YouTube videos available, as well as some 8K Blu-rays, and major streaming services such as Netflix still do not offer content with 8K resolution. And you can forget about 8K cable TV, since 4K cable TV is barely available.

But the main strength of LG to sell an 8K TV in 2019, when there is so little content of 8K, is a chip that can scale 4K video and 1080p at an 8K resolution.

The 88Z9 LG will be the first 8K OLED TV in the world to go on sale. OLED TV panels are seen as the gold standard in TV technology for its exquisite color reproduction, as well as for its ability to show true black color. This is because the pixels that show the black color are deactivated, so they do not project any light, which can create a gray color on traditional LCD screens. The result is a magnificent contrast as well as an incredible color.

LG is not the first TV manufacturer to launch an 8K television. Samsung already has an 8K TV available to buy called Q900 that comes with the QLED screen of companies, which is based on traditional LCD technology. The closest 85-inch equivalent model from Samsung to the LG 88Z9 sells for $ 15,000, but the Q900 is available in smaller screen sizes starting at 55 inches for $ 4,500.

With that price, the LG 88Z9 is an option for more affluent people. Over time, it would not be surprising if 8K OLED TVs became more affordable, like 4K and OLED TVs in the last two years.