Automotive Technology New Trend in Vehicles

Currently, it is normal to hear the term "automotive technology" that refers to the incorporation of this trend in vehicles. Technological advances continue to penetrate more and more into different industries worldwide, reaching significant changes in the services we know.

Such is the case of the Best Used Cars for sale - JapanMotorsLtd. automotive market that in recent years has adopted technology as a new tool to boost its industry. 

This technological revolution has generated many changes in the daily behavior of drivers which, in turn, has impacted on their awareness of road safety. This is due to the fact that these technological proposals in transport have the objective of providing comfort and safety on the roads, which has been achieved, consciously or unconsciously, to educate users about the subject.

"In recent years, society has shown more concern for road safety, which is quite favorable for both people and the growth of the auto insurance market in general. And we must recognize that technology has been key in this progress "commented John, general manager of

Meanwhile, the international consultant in infrastructure and development, Felipe Ulloa said that "the development of technology in the automotive industry has been able to reduce the levels of accidents within cities and on-road sections. Intelligent braking systems, airbags to hold passengers, back-up cameras, among others, have meant great advances. "

At the same time, he added that "in countries that have a situation of congestion in their infrastructures, they register an increase in road accident rates, in this line, technology in automobiles, can help reduce these risks. In this sense, the development of sensors associated with intelligent braking systems has saved lives in different countries. "

Seconds later, consultant, said that "in the USA there are vehicles with cameras and sensors that have been able to activate braking systems when perceiving nearby cars, preventing collisions in highway flows, preventing what is called the" impact or shock. by the scope ".

The many advances that have been made in this area have led large companies in the industry to worry and ensure safety in their models. Some clear examples of the influence of automotive technology on road safety are the incorporation of the voice assistant, which guides drivers by updating information about roads, waiting times, irregularities on the road and more.

Also the emergency braking predictive system, which is responsible for notifying drivers if the probability of collision exists, generating a sudden brake to avoid it whenever it is pertinent. Also, there are many technological measures implemented in vehicles that provide a high level of safety to drivers.

Future trends

This progress in safety and comfort that has generated the incorporation of new technologies to vehicles has led large companies in the industry to think about new proposals. This has been investigated in many measures that use technological advances to facilitate the journey of drivers.

Such is the case of the implementation of cameras in the mirrors and other strategic areas of the vehicle. Although it is a trend that already exists to give reverse, the idea is to incorporate a greater number of devices to grant greater visibility to passengers.

On the other hand, the incorporation of LED lights in the headlights of the vehicle is a trend that comes with force for the next generations. Their performance and power surprise the user's thanks to that they do not harm the vision of other pilots who come from the front. This, in turn, promises greater road safety when traveling at night and in areas with poor lighting; It also greatly avoids the possibility of a collision by damaging the sight of another driver.