7 series that you should see now that Game of Thrones is over

The end of Game of Thrones has left a great void in the hungry stomach of many seriéfilos. Therefore, do not panic! We compiled 7 series that you should see and that are waiting for you after the screen.

If Game of Thrones was your favorite series and has left an immense void in your heart, do not worry. There are many series that are waiting for you in the limbo of streaming. Today we review some of the coolest series proposals you can find on HBO, Netflix and other popular on-demand content platforms.

Chernobyl (HBO)

It is the promise that most shines at the moment, in addition to the great letter of HBO to alleviate thirst and anger caused by Game of Thrones. It is a miniseries that is breaking all kinds of records between critics and audiences, standing out for its high quality and the recreation of that cursed nuclear episode that splattered Ukraine and shocked the world in April 1986. Despair, loss, light and darkness in this historical drama.

Easy (Netflix)

One of the hidden gems in the Netflix catalog and that has recently arrived with its third and final batch of episodes, signed by Joe Swanger, one of the key figures behind the Mumblecore film movement. We will return to the hectic and luminous city of Chicago to resume the experiences of various characters, almost all of them around thirty and their experiences related to sex, love, art, friendship, technology or work.

You'are the worst (FOX)

The season finale of this indie tragicomedy, sarcastic and of delicious dialogues created by Stephen Falk, arrives. Love, lack of love, depression, selfishness, sex and caustic conversations between two protagonists, Jimmy and Gretchen. We will miss his unbearable personality, his diatribes, comings and goings, friendships, debates around motherhood, fidelity, commitment or laughter as an antidote against the world.

Nola Darling

The second season on Netflix of the fantastic Nola Darling is back, based on a remake of the virtuoso Spike Lee movie ('She's Gotta Have It' in English), which was released in 1986. Nola is a black woman in the New York of the 21st century, a woman artist, vindictive, cheerful and powerful who lives her day to day with three lovers. A series that addresses sexuality, artistic creation, everyday racism, feminism or doubts and the search for identity in an adult woman in contemporary times.


Written, directed and starring the magnetic and acidic Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Fleabag recently premiered on Amazon Prime Video its second season, an original and acid drama with comical overtones -or the other way round- recorded under the false documentary format that puts us in the skin of its protagonist, the tough, funny and scathing owner of a bar used to get into trouble and live numerous sexual adventures. His widowed father or his hermetic sister are secondary to those that we will know more with the advance of the episodes.

Killing Eve

Bloody, cynical and more addictive than a drug, this series of HBO will freak you out if you like Tarantino, Guy Ritchir, the spy movies and the pulp genre. Sexual tension, black humor, persecutions and messes in the second season of this series about the most savage and funny serial killer of the moment and a shrewd detective.

Gentleman Jack

The new series by Sally Wainwright, the creator of Happy Valley, is a sophisticated period drama produced by the BBC - and available on HBO- that has delighted critics and audiences alike. It is based on the diaries of Anne Lister, a business-oriented landowner who returns to the family home in Halifax, West Yorkshire in 1832 to revolutionize her destiny. What are you waiting to give to play?