7 Indicators That You Are Smarter Than the Average

Curiosity, humor or even other features not as attractive as anxiety are present in people with a high IQ. What do you have?

If you are too curious, you may have got into some mess, or if your anxiety makes you drunk, you may have lost the papers before an imminent project that you have to face.

They are personality traits that are not always pleasant but that you may assume from now on in another way, when you know that they are two of the signs that show a higher than average IQ.

The Intelligence or Intellectual Coefficient (CI), as it is also known, does not consist of the knowledge that one treasures, but of the speed with which you acquire and understand new information. Several studies have found that IC is fixed at an early age and does not increase throughout life (unlike the general culture, which we can nurture throughout our lives).

All of them agree on this innate character of intelligence and do not hesitate to point out certain common features that people with a high Intellectual Coefficient have. How many do you have?

They know how to adapt to changes

The evolution of the species has shown that only those beings that know how to adapt to the changes in the environment survive. An intelligent person is one who, when a turn in their circumstances comes, is able to see it and make the changes that correspond in their lives to adapt to the new situation.

This covers such disparate fields, as the ability to relate to new people when we change airs; Sufficiency to detect a problem, delve into it and find a solution, etc.

They are left-handed

It may be another of those traits that as a child gave you more than a headache, because you were the only one in the class that did not write "normal". Studies have shown that zurdera is related to divergent thinking. This refers to the unique ability to combine two unrelated objects to achieve something new and innovative. An unmistakable sign of intelligence.

They studied music from small

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Musical training increases verbal intelligence and executive function in the brain, that is, the ability that governs concentration and self-control. In an investigation directed by the psychologist Sylvain Moreno, 48 children between four and six years of age participated in a computerized training. For one hour a day, five days a week and in a month, half of the students did a musical program, while the other one was devoted to the visual arts. At the end of the experiment, 90% of children who focused on music increased their Intellectual Coefficient.


La empatía te hace tener un mayor valor profesional

Knowing how to put oneself in the place of others is just as important as the capacities regarding oneself. The human being is a social being, who needs to relate to the rest, so that no matter how many captures you have, it is impossible to prosper if you do not have the rest of the people.

Knowing how they think, lending a hand when others need to be helped, showing humanity with other people and knowing when it is convenient to take certain topics of conversation and how to do it is a capacity or virtue of great value and a sign of intelligence.


Trucos sencillos para mejorar tu capacidad de memorización

Curiosity serves as a way to reach new ideas, but this should not stop when they appear, but should continue to advance to reach new, different or better. However, curiosity without a background is useless. This virtue must be accompanied by others, since it will serve little or nothing if there is no sense, quantification or objectives behind it. Capacities such as thought, the capacity for expression, self-criticism or the will to change for the better.

Anxious and depressed

Las personas ansiosas tienen mayor inteligencia verbal.

Although it is difficult to think that anxiety can be positive at first, there are studies conducted by experts in human behavior and psychology that could reveal the opposite. The psychiatrist Jeremy Coplan studied patients with anxiety disorders and found that people with the worst symptoms have higher IQ. Other studies reveal that anxious people have higher verbal intelligence.

Creative people with high intellect tend to be more likely to suffer from mental problems such as bipolarity or depressive disorders. Surely, all of us have ever met or coincided with a person whose intelligence is well above average, but also in their imbalance.


Las personas graciosas tienen mayor inteligencia verbal

Humor is a very serious thing. Surely you know someone who always has an ingenious answer or gives a humorous twist to any situation (or it may happen to yourself). This is a symptom of unquestionable intelligence. Several investigations have discovered the strong connection that exists between being funny and having a great verbal intelligence and abstract reasoning. It seems that ingenuity is the product of a sharp mind.