5 Trends of Office Design for 2020

Creating a modern, functional workspace with distributions that maximize spaces is possible. We tell you about the styles implemented by corporations.

In today's world, it is important that office spaces are in line with the needs of the business, this translates into the functions, productivity, and welfare of workers. Currently, the goal of architects, interior designers, and contractors is to create buildings that not only go beyond a sustainable architecture or with energy efficiency but are functional, inspiring and productive offices. In this changing landscape, work trends require innovative thinking.

Companies seek to invest more in their employees since it is the largest and most valuable asset they have. Innovation depends on people, and a company is as good as the talent it can attract and retain. Companies are attracting the best employees with modern workspaces and first-class amenities. Health being an important factor to optimize performance at work.

For this year some of the trends that large corporations are implementing are:

Flexible and dynamic spaces

New businesses are inclined to satisfy the tastes of millennials, a generation that prefers open areas and that invite coexistence. Some of the environments that these offices have are living rooms, meditation spaces or conference rooms with sofas, plants and vegetation, yoga rugs, among others.

Dynamic spaces offer the opportunity for companies to be more creative. They are mobile, constantly fluctuating, attractive and can be transformed from a conference room to a party room for the company. These offices have light and mobile furniture with wheels, mobile dividers or glass screens, which are perfect for writing. Offices around the world are adopting these unorthodox workspaces to attract young talents.

Biophilic design

It is a constructive trend that seeks to connect with nature, scientifically proven, is put in contact with natural elements. This trend goes beyond adding some plants to your office, the biophilic design uses nature as an architectural framework to weave the patterns and shapes of nature in the built environment through the use of textures, patterns, natural lighting, and living plants.

The comfort of home at work

This trend that seeks to bring aspects of the home in the workplace, a combination that integrates that cozy and homely feeling that we miss during the work day in the office space. By means of design, furniture, lighting or materials creates a cozy but functional atmosphere. Some of the companies that have implemented this style are Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, who invest to increase employee retention, encourage creativity and the exchange of ideas.

Telling stories

Offices today seek to encourage their employees with their ideas, and the way you design the building or facilities can help you share that story to inspire your employees. The architecture of the office could be representative of the humble beginnings or basic principles of your company, expressed in the structure of your office furniture, color palettes, phrases that reflect the values of the company on the walls, images and other Design elements used in your work environment.

No more walls

Open spaces are a trend, and non-closed meeting spaces predominate in these designs. However, what we mean by 'tearing down walls' is that traditional divisions are becoming less popular and office designers now use alternative materials to create divisions to define spaces. Ironically, this trend of office design has provided a greater sense of privacy in the workplace as spaces are clearly defined and staff has more options and flexibility to work in spaces that allow greater concentration or coexistence with colleagues. They can also prove to be more acoustically private with furniture and soft surfaces that ensure that noise does not travel.

Use of strong colors

2020 differs in design by the use of vibrant colors. The colors you choose not only represent and connect others to the brand you're working with but can also improve the mood and focus of employees and guests. Consider the color of Pantone 2020, the ultraviolet, or based on these color trends, when looking for fabrics and wall coverings to add depth, dimension and a bit of personality to the general space.