Where it is Cheaper to Travel According to the Month of the Year

Around the keys to a cheap holiday in spectacular places there are certain topics that cause debates between travelers and lovers of tourism. Is Tuesday the best day of the week to book flights but on Wednesday the best day to fly? Is June the cheapest month and August or Christmas are totally prohibited?

According to the data of a recent study prepared by the popular accommodation website Booking.com, it is possible to save up to 56% in hotels and travel choosing the month of the year and the destination well. We want to help you! And that's why in the following list you can find the cheapest destinations according to the twelve months of the year to stay in a four-star hotel.

Remember that both thanks to Booking and other popular search engines and comparators of tourist offers and accommodation such as Skyscanner, Trivago or TripAdvisor it is possible to have the same transport services, hotels or restaurants at cheaper prices thanks to offers and discounts.
If you consider yourself an intrepid traveler and are looking for new cheap destinations to fly to, click on the Next button and you will have a different plan for each time of the year.