What Steps Should I Follow If Someone Harasses Me On Whatsapp?

If someone is harassing you on WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram, you should be aware that this is a very serious problem and that a series of measures should be taken because we should never allow someone to extort or harass us on the Internet.

While surfing the Internet has to be a function that everyone can do in total freedom, that does not mean that you can violate privacy or privacy laws, given that, above all, we are people.

You can take a series of steps if someone harasses you on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook or other social networks, and although we will cover this issue in a very general way, for these serious cases you should consult your parents if you are younger or Well with a professional in the form of a lawyer.

That said, we'll tell you what steps you can take if someone harasses you on WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram, although it could also be valid for all kinds of social networks on the Internet.

If someone harasses you on WhatsApp, these are the steps you must follow

Reaction to

A harassment on the Internet, and in real life, is a very important fact and that is penalized by law. You must never allow any type of harassment or extortion through networks and you must react, never take it for granted or accept it.

A harassment is a harassment

No person can harass another, regardless of whether it is your partner, a friend or even a family member. Everything is reportable. Harassment does not mean kinship. If someone is harassing you, you must step forward, whoever it is.

It's never your fault

Do not feel guilty if someone is harassing or extorting you on WhatsApp or any other social network like Instagram. If someone is harassing you, do not feel guilty about yourself, if you have shared private photographs or part of your life it is because you have really wanted to. If the other person is extorting you with it, it is the other person's fault.

Contact a lawyer

If you are a minor, talk to your parents first and take the matter to a lawyer. If you are an adult, contact a lawyer and talk about the situation without any fear. Thanks to a professional you can send the police the appropriate report.

You can report harassment on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram

These applications have a dedicated web page for users to report this problem. Do not hesitate to use these options, but first talk to your parents or a lawyer.

  • WhatsApp: You can report to a user from the conversation's own chat. Simply click on the name of the contact in the chat, and below all you have "Report user".
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Do not erase possible tests

If you have been extorted, threatened or harassed on WhatsApp or any other social network, a judge may ask you for the evidence. Do not erase conversations where you have been extorted or harassed.

Nobody can publish your images or videos without prior consent

If you have sent a photo / video to a person, but that person is sharing that image / video without your consent, it is punishable. It is not bad to share photos on the Internet, but you must know with whom you are sharing them. Sometimes we share pictures on known social networks, and that can be a problem if we do not know who may be watching them. Sometimes it's not good for your profiles to be public.

These are some steps you can take if they are harassing you on WhatsApp or other social networks. In any case, this article is not a guide that you should follow at face value if you have one of these problems. If someone is harassing or extorting you, talk to your parents if you are a minor or get in touch with a lawyer.