Top 5 Web Hosting Panels For Beginners

As a website owner, dealing with web services, especially hosting services is a cumbersome and need a healthy amount of knowledge. Many technically rich ones prefer to control server, but for others, a web hosting control panel is the best way to manage any server and web hosting services.

Hence, a good hosting panel is one crucial factor on which you must seek knowledge before deciding a web hosting plan. This blog is all on helping those who are looking to buy an affordable web hosting plan for increasing their online presence.

What Is A Web Hosting Panel?

A web hosting panel helps effectively to monitor and manage your hosting infrastructure via a single interface. You can virtually manage your web server and web hosting services from anywhere offered by the hosting provider.
A control hosting panel is capable to manage hosting services provided by your web hosting solutions company starting from the mails, security, file management, and backups.

Here is the list of some common features of website hosting control panels:

        Complete Domain Name System - DNS management including website domains, subdomains, mail domains, etc
        Control databases management systems such as MySQL and PostgreSQL
        Manage the email system – email addresses, prevent spams, abuses, etc.
        Complete the hosting server account management
        Manage SSH (Secure shell cryptographic network) and user key
        Backup management
        Log files’ reports.
        Additional plugins to install other services and apps

While these features are common in every site hosting panels, a few more things make a hosting control panel perfect of which one is open-source hosting.
Here, in this write-up, we are going to discuss some open source best hosting panels for beginners. They are given below:


Ajentin is an open source web server hosting panel which can manage multiple servers with ease. It manages a large variety of server related tasks such as installing packages and running the commands.

The users can view basic server information like the available disk space, RAM usage, etc. It has the fastest remote access to deliver high performance anytime and anywhere.

        Add on package: Ajenti V let the users manage multiple servers from the same interface/panels.
        Source: Open-Source
        Backend: Language: Python 2.7/3.4
        OS support: Ubuntu, Debian, Gentoo, RHEL, etc. with easy portability to BSD and Linux.
        Framework: GEvent, Angular JS
        Frontend Language: ES6, JS, or CoffeeScript
        Extensibility: Modular architecture, Pluggable


VestaCP web hosting panel is also a simple interface which acts as an ideal platform for the resellers who want a secure and fast interface for managing servers fastly.
The platform has a built-in firewall that guarantees its security. Smart filters further help and ban those IP addresses which tries too many login attempts. The web hosting server panel  26 languages and thoroughly monitors server stats, analytics, and logs.

        Source: Open Source free hosting panel
        Vesta Core/API: Bash
        Web interface: PHP/JavaScript
        Database: MySQL + phpMyAdmin or PostgreSQL + phpPgAdmin
        Softaculous auto-installer helps in single click installation of 439 different apps across the server.
        FTP: VsFTPD, ProFTPD


The CentOS Web-based hosting panel is also open source and is an affordable web hosting service with advanced features that simplify the web hosting management.
It supports CentOS/ RHEL 6 Linux Distribution and automatically installs LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) on the client’s server. In terms of security, the panel has the best Linux CSF Firewall like live monitoring, automated backups, IP access control, and database management.

Furthermore, its security has File System Lock Feature which makes the site more secure against the hackers and cybercrimes. It is one of the best web hosting panels which has the ability to access the online server without passing through the SSH directly. It works like a dedicated server and has VPS plans.


The Sentora open source web hosting panel has strong foundations of ZPanel which is mainly for small to medium ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and works on Linux.
The major features are its scalability, extensibility, and robustness. Released under GPLv3, it manages your server fastly, efficiently and increases the security.


The Webmin hosting panel is ideal for Linux and is mainly used for the management of user accounts, DNS configuration and FTP, Apache administration and more at the servers.
It lets to manage a system remotely, and its extensibility further makes itself an ideal web hosting panel from hosting service providers or hosting providers.

Webmin is a simple web server and uses all standard Perl modules of version Perl 5 to write programs.
Some best web hosting services offer standard control panels while some others provide in-house developed hosting panels or the customized version of an open source panel.
Regardless of which hosting panel is offered, we recommend you first to get live demo sessions, and then choose the best hosting plans.


There are many options available in the market which offers to give you the best hosting plans, web hosting panels and server security. Do they really can? In this article, I have compiled a list of all necessary features that should be present in a web hosting panel. Also, based upon those features, I made a list of top 5 web hosting panel with which you can start on the internet.

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