The Simple Trick to Drive a Convertible in the Rain without Getting Wet

In case you've ever wondered, it's possible to drive a convertible car in the rain without getting wet. Keep reading and we reveal the trick so that on gray days do not leave it in the garage.

Driving a convertible in the rain without getting wet? Yes you can. If you love sports cars, it is possible that you have ever rejected the purchase of a new convertible car for fear of rain or not being able to enjoy it in conditions. Are you still in time to think about it better? Then I have to say yes, you can drive a raincoat without having to soak. Actually, you just have to go at the speed necessary to avoid water.

Laminar and turbulent wind flow

To begin with, you should know that there are two types of movement in the wind. One is the laminar flow. This will be your friend to avoid getting wet when driving a convertible car with rain. It is a gentle, fluid air stream that follows a smooth path. The wind is slow and most importantly, low pressure.

Surely if you have ever ridden in a roofless vehicle you have raised your hand above the windshield. Well, when doing it at a certain speed the wind hits you in the hand due to this flow, which creates an 'air roof' and prevents rain from entering the passenger compartment. But of course, it is essential not to stand or go very slowly.

The other scenario in terms of wind flows is chaotic. Your own name puts the definition on a tray so you can imagine its behavior. With this you will go soaked in your cabriolet if it rains given the speed of its movement and the high pressure to which it is subjected. It is the complete opposite of the laminar air flow and everything depends, again, on the speed at which you are moving. This will get inside the cabin and, with it, the rain. However, Mercedes is a manufacturer that has thought about it and some of its convertible models can install a wind deflector in the upper part of the windshield frame to favor a laminar wind flow.

So, at what speed do you have to drive a convertible raining to avoid getting wet?

The big question is, therefore, the following: at what speed do you have to drive a convertible in the rain to avoid getting wet? Well, it depends on the car. Or rather, the angle of inclination of the windshield. In a vehicle like a Mazda MX-5, which has a slightly tilted windshield and a fairly low driving position, it would suffice to drive at just over 70 km / h if you do not want to get wet while it's raining. However, the more inclined the windshield is the faster you will have to drive to avoid filling yourself with water. For example, in a Portofino Ferrari the speed will have to be greater than that of the Miata to achieve the same result.

In any case, with the technology of Mercedes, which is called Aircap, it is much easier and you will not even have to reach that 70 km / h. The flow of air that comes in contact with the body is called the boundary layer, while the separation point is the upper frame of the windshield, which in turn is where the conflict of interests between Mother Nature and the fact occurs. To keep dry. That is the point at which the wind turns turbulent, but the solution, after all, is simple: the more speed it will be easier for the wind flow to be laminar and therefore soft (and not to get wet)). So you know, how do you have to stop at a traffic light...