Seven Surprising Things about Muslim Women

Muslim women fashion is most talked women of society due to their odd dressing and different styling. But still, some of them are entirely different.
  1. Women are not very different: it is most, but still, Muslim women considered a symbol of backwardness. Muslim women have everything ordinary like work, education, family, community, etc. there are educated Muslim girls, doctors, professors, engineers, lawyers, teachers, workers all are same. Muslim women also behave in the same way as other girls. We have even talked to many women in the mosque doing the same discussion just as church women. They also take care of their children, family and take out time for prayer.
  2. Fashion sense inherited: all the young girls of Muslim learn to wear hijab or veiling culture from their grandmother or mothers. Dress choices they pick could be any but should follow modesty. Western girls are more into mobile phones and the internet. There are many TV shows in Asia specially train women to tie the head scarf’s. Muslim women are more careful about their dress; they try to be different with the same color but pick different buttons and fabric material. Women's Muslim clothing style is different but yet has a stylish way to show its respect towards their religion.
  3. Women are power brokers: Sometimes it is heard that Muslim women are weak, depressed and powerless in their home and outside the houses. But this is not the full picture. Women of any community or any religion could not be weak and depressed as they manage to hold the whole house on their hands. Women status changes over the period many times, but the power, fearlessness and firm determination remain the same in every phase of their life.
  4. Concern for purity: moral purity is far more critical than physical purity; feel free to share their anxiety about living. Careful washing rituals are a means to restore physical purity. Every woman gets impure for a weak in every month and needs to get purified after that.
  5. Mama's boy is not an issue in Islam: "The person having the greatest right over women is her husband and the person having the greatest right over the man is his mother." The mother-son relation is the most precious is Islam.
  6. Family is the priority: a woman carries all the responsibility for the family welfare, health of the family members, success of their husbands and children's, harmony in relationships. Women are the central pillar of the family, that holds the whole family in a place and support everyone.
  7. Women are the best storyteller: Muslim women are like every other woman in the world. They are also like every other woman in the world has feelings, emotions, and far better-expressing power than men.
If you are also the one thinking that Muslim women are backward and conservative due to the clothes they wear, then you are wrong and proven by the above situations and conclusions.