Master the art of layering this winter

When winter comes we often pile up on clothes till we stop shivering. Logically if we look, it does not provide us with a pretty look rather we feel bulky enough to carry yourself. It's not easy to get a stylish look along with keeping yourself warm and cozy. It requires a minimal fashion sense for how successfully you lay out your clothes adhering to the latest fashion trends without ballooning yourself to ridiculous proportions.

Layering is an art of clothing or a clothing puzzle in which you dress up in such an order so as to it is easy to remove layers when you are indoors while keeping yourself warm when you are outside and at the same time providing you with a sharp look. So here are some small tips and tricks which may help you to play the game in a pro manner and be a fashion chick.

Varying textures and patterns.

Playing around with varying textures and patterns may add dimensions and also provide others with visual interest towards your styling sense. Layering with patterns belonging to the same group may look too heavy and dull on you, so keep a balance in your look and textures as well. If you are wearing a heavy textured sweater then pair it up with a tight sheer or cover it up with a light shirt dress. If you are wearing a check printed top then layer it up with a solid contrasting pull over to attain other’s attention. Also you can buy various textures online using Ajio Cashback with great offers.

Length of your cloth really counts

The length of your layering is really a matter of concern. Each new layer should be longer than the previous layer. So the first layer that you put on,maybe a Tshirt or t-tops must be the shortest of all. You may then pile a sweater, a pullover,or even a coat, but make sure it's longer than the Tshirt you are wearing but shorter than the very next layer.

But at the same time always keep in mind that what works for others may not work for you. What may look good upon others may not suit you in the same manner. So go on with mix and match, and always try to experiment.

Play  around with fur

Let’s accept the fact that winter is the only time of the year when you can wear faux fur. Whether you are wearing a furry coat or just throwing a faux stole over your coat, in either way you can enhance your style sense and at the same time proving you with warmth making you comfortable.

Contrasting color matters

Don’t overload yourself with eye-catching colors. Layer yourself up with monochromatic colors, go for black, cream, white etc. So it's better to rely on natural, eye soothing colors. Layering with all vibrant will make you feel like moving around in a children’s park entertaining others. So, it's better to make one of your layering “loud” rather than the rest. If you are wearing a bright shirt just cover it up with an off-white or sky coat. And if you remain strict to neutral colors then embrace yourself with a colorful stole or scarf to add a pinch to your style statement.

Form against functionality

Your layer should keep on changing with the climatic condition. Layering style in Minneapolis and Los Angeles should always be different right? At both places the first few layers should comprise of a t-shirt od just an undershirt. And they should be typically thin. Then cover yourself with a sweater or blazer at freezing temperatures.Lastly top up with a scarf r a hat. But in a bit warmer areas you can get away with the basic layer. Or just add up a scarf as your pop of color. Layering need not to be always about heavy sweaters and coats, functionality is the key to success. Moreover, you can easily buy winter trend online using Mobikwik Coupons with great deals.

So layer yourself accordingly to match climatic condition. As it is important to maintain the balance and harmony in the environment, in the same manner, it is also important to maintain them in your looks. In warmer areas, you can just simply get outdoors putting a shirt and covering with a coat or a blazer and maximize by using a scarf or a stole as your pop of color. Layering is important in colder countries where the temperature fluctuates between day and night. Layers always don’t imply to coats, Functionality is the key that works.