How Much Money Does It Cost To Paint A Whole Car?

We explain to you how much it is worth to paint a whole car, the key points that you must consider before doing it and some essential tips to obtain the desired result.

When it comes to painting a whole car there are many budgets that we can find. Everything will depend on the chosen center, the vehicle and the quality of the work, although more values ​​also come into play. The chosen color will also be decisive, not to mention the type of painting (metallic paint,...), or the autonomous community where we ask for a budget. Despite this, what is the average price of painting a whole car? Let's find out.

A good idea

Painting your car if the paint is not in the best conditions is a good idea not only for its appearance. We all like to have our car clean, without scratches or rubbing, although keeping this section in good condition goes further. If we paint our car we will help to a better conservation of the body, and that is that the paint carries component that help to avoid corrosion.

Choose well

Without a doubt, we advise you to attend specialized workshops. It will be dangerous for you to let yourself be carried only by the budget, in some centers they will give you a contained price but in exchange you will not have the desired result. Going to a specialized workshop is vital to ensure that the work will be well done. And not only talk about the paint layer, but also the care in the disassembly and assembly of parts.

If we do not go to a specialized workshop, we will not have guarantees of a job well done. When it comes to painting a car there are several processes that must be completed correctly. When dismantling parts, the sanding price of the body is added. The primer is vital to prepare the area, a process that will be followed by the different layers of paint and lacquer.


Equally, it is important that you know that if you are going to paint the car of another color, you must notify the General Directorate of Traffic. The DGT will update the registration certificate so that the new body tone is recorded. On the other hand, you cannot forget to talk with the insurance, and is that if you suffer an accident may not cover the damage caused.

What is the average price to paint a whole car?

The price of painting a whole car will depend, as we have said in the previous lines, of the place where we are. The budget will range between 750 euros and about 1,900 euros. By Autonomous Community, the place where you will be cheaper to paint your car will be in Extremadura, and where else you have to pay will be in the Basque Country. In Madrid, for example, will be around 1,200 euros. In Barcelona something more, about 1,450 euros.