Google Maps will show you photos of the star dishes of each restaurant

The utility of Google Maps is maximum, since not only we can use the application as GPS but also to locate a multitude of restaurants with opinions on each of them. Now, launch an interesting novelty.

Google Maps goes a step further, and now in references to restaurants you will find an additional "menu" tab where photos of the most popular dishes that we can taste in that place are collected, even with opinions of people.

And it is not the first time you have entered a restaurant very well valued, but then in particular the dish you have ordered has not been anything special. Well, in this way we can not only know which are the best restaurants in each area of our city, but also know what are the most popular dishes so that we can invest our money in a dish that we know is pleasing most people .

In any case, this feature is being tested internally, so users still cannot see it. As we have mentioned, basically in some restaurant listings in Google Maps, a new "menu" tab is being launched, where the popular dishes of the restaurant will appear accompanied by photographs, additional images and opinions of people.

It must be said that all the images and opinions that appear are from the users themselves, and that they will be the ones who can "suggest an edition" to put the correct name on the plate if it is not appropriate.

In this way, Google Maps is closer to competitors such as Yelp or Foursquare that already offer images and reviews of some popular dishes of certain restaurants. They recently added the availability of charging stations for electric cars.