Folk, Aliens and Beatboxing: This Is How the First CD Composed With the Help of AI Sounds

The applications of the AI do not only happen to apply to the field of health, customer service through chatbots or the automation of employment, but algorithms can also contribute to the artistic creation.

AI will not replace genuine human creativity when it comes to coining artistic pieces, but it can complement it, resulting in exciting and curious results like the one we are dealing with today.

The conceptual sound artist and composer Holly Herndon this week released her new album PROTO, inspired by artificial intelligence. It is the fourth long duration in her musical career, with the characteristic of being a collaboration between the artist herself and a sophisticated machine learning program called "Spawn", which she calls her "baby AI".

Herndon's Spawn is an "inhuman intelligence housed in a DIY game for PC games" according to a statement that "emphasizes the art of alien songs and new forms of communion." Spawn also learned from hundreds of people how to "identify and reinterpret unknown sounds in call-and-response group singing sessions at live training ceremonies that took place in Berlin.

For the song "Godmother", Herndon collaborated with the artist Jlin so that Spawn regurgitated the electronic rhythms creating a strange beatboxing sound of nightmare. The official video of a different song called "Eternal" presents the visual aspects of AI. It was "built from processed footage from the perspective of an intelligent machine, analyzing and looking for a face, longing for a connection," according to an official press release published by the singer.

"I do not want to live in a world where humans are automated offstage," Herndon added. "I want an Artificial Intelligence that has been created to appreciate that beauty and interact with it," he said.