Cambridge Analytics knew the ideology of the users for their tastes in fashion

The former Cambridge Analytics research director, Chris Wylie, has shared some of the data they used to better understand the political ideology of Facebook users. Apparently, your tastes in fashion can reveal who you vote for.

Recently Chris Wyler, former research director at Cambridge Analytics who finally uncovered the entire scandal, has revealed what kind of data they used to identify the ideology of Facebook users and influence them to manipulate their vote, reports Bloomberg.

Apparently, the brand of sweatshirt you wear says a lot about your political ideology. For example, those users interested in the Abercrombie & Fitch brand tended to be more liberal. Instead, the most conservative used to lean like brands like wrangler.

Thus, that a user was interested in Vogue or Macy's also indicated that they had a more liberal ideology and a more extroverted personality. All these data helped Cambridge Analytics to know who to launch their political messages.

Wylie was one of those in charge of devising the psychological tactics that the consultant used to influence the voters of the last US elections. Also in the past I had been studying a doctorate in fashion, focused on trends, which probably contributed a lot of knowledge to the strategy described above. However, as we have already mentioned, Wylie brought the Cambridge Analytics scandal to light and has even described how they manipulated minds.

"One of the things that Cambridge Analytics realized when extracting data from Facebook was that clothing brands were very useful when it comes to producing algorithms about how people feel and think," explained Wylie, emphasizing the value that they had the tastes in fashion of the users at the time of preparing the profiles of the voters facing the elections of the USA.