The Wechat Messaging App Is Already the Third Most Important Social Network in the World

According to a recent survey by Statistic, the most popular and massive social networks in the world today are Facebook - which adds several years at the top -, YouTube and the Asian WeChat.

Every year the global panorama of social networks is shaken by changes, irruptions, ups and downs of popularity or growth of users within this competitive ecosystem of applications. Statistic has created a graphic with the preferred social networks of 2019, or what is the same, those platforms that have a greater number of monthly active users.

Gone is for example the golden age of Snapchat, which does not even find a gap between the top ten positions, and although Facebook has not stopped losing users due to various scandals - from the fake news and Russian interference to the transfer of personal data and the controversy of Cambridge Analytic-, the social network of Zuckerberg continues to hold the highest position.

Facebook has these 2019 2.320 million active users, followed by YouTube, whose total registered users are 1.900 million - although the frequency with which they connect to the network has not been measured. For its part, WeChat surprises with a splendid third position. And is that the Chinese messaging service with social network features WeChat can boast of 1098 million monthly active users.

The LinkedIn social network, owned by Microsoft, is also present in the list and has reached 575 million active users and others with lower penetration such as QZone, Tik Tok or Sina Weibo.