How much can you be fined for not wearing the environmental sticker of the DGT?

Since this past April 24 is mandatory to circulate in Madrid with the pollution identification stickers of the DGT, the Sustainable Mobility Ordinance legislates that vehicles must visibly carry a sticker that reports the level of pollution that corresponds to the vehicle.

Finally, the fine for not wearing the identification tag will be 15 euros and not 90 euros, as advised. It has not been reported whether the penalty will be progressively increased over time. The low price will be a consolation for drivers who have not yet put the sticker on their vehicle, since in other cities, such as Barcelona, the fine is around 100 euros.

From the city council it is expected that the number of vehicles sanctioned will not be numerous due to the long time that has elapsed since the regulations were announced and the ease with which the DGT has made the necessary arrangements for the drivers.

As it has been warning, the regulations of the National Plan for Air Quality and Protection of the Atmosphere 2013-2016 contains four distinctive according to the pollution produced and vehicle model: 0 Emissions, ECO, C and B.

Then, according to the contamination protocol that exists in Madrid, it will be notified about which vehicles are allowed to circulate in the capital, or other cities in the future. These notices will arrive through the media, the DGT website or social networks.

Anyway, if you do not have the sticker it is better that you do not use the vehicle in the city and do the paperwork to get it and place it in your vehicle. This regulation is here to stay and there will be no other option.