Beware of charging your mobile at public points

Charging the mobile at the airport, the cafeteria or the public booths may not be the best idea, especially if it is through a USB port. From Kaspersky Lab offer this alternative.

Airports, clothing stores, bars and even public spaces. It is increasingly common to find charging points for mobile devices, in response to a demand that had been on the air for some time and that many businesses also use as a call to attract more people.

Sometimes these charging points consist of plugs but others are based on connections with USB port, which solve the problems of having to resort to adapters, but that can cause others, since these connectors, used for criminal purposes, can infect the device or rage your information when connecting with it.

The USB are data transmission connectors and when they connect, they pour information into the port. According to the alert from Kaspersky Lab, charging the mobile in a public USB could give full access to the terminal even when it is blocked.
This is what is known as juice jacking, a practice that is not new and that involves stealing information from the device or infecting it through USB charging points.

To prevent this from happening, experts advise using external batteries that act as a bridge or wall between the USB charging and mobile, to prevent the transfer of information from one to another. That is, connecting the battery to port and this in turn to the terminal

The threat does not extend only to public charging points, but more and more services are offered through USB ports, such as some rental cars.

If there is no recourse but to resort to these public charging points, experts advise to first make sure of the source that is offering that service and to do so with the terminal off and never unblock it during the process.