7 Tips for Choosing Wedding Jewelry

The choice of wedding jewelry is the last step in the makeup of the bride's look. Check out some tips to raze!

The makeup of a bride's look is far from limited to the choice of dress. After that, you still need to think about shoes, hairstyle, accessories, makeup and, finally, on wedding jewelry.
It is true that as the bride makes decisions, the following are made easier by questions such as knowledge, trust and direction - but all help is welcome, do you agree?

With that in mind, Bracelet world co decided to help you, which is about to end your production for the most important day of your life, with some tips on how wedding jewelry will look!

How to get the right wedding jewelry?

1 - Know the most common jewels

Basically, we can identify as wedding jewelry accessories that are produced in good quality materials such as noble metals and precious stones.

In addition to the engagement ring and the wedding ring, the most common jewels for brides are the earrings, the necklace, the bracelets and the accessory for the hair. Nor can we forget the rosary.

2 - Take the wedding style into consideration

The style chosen for the big day can guide your choices. In general, classic weddings ask for some glamor, which should be considered during the search for jewelry.

The location and time chosen for the big day are equally relevant. Very luxurious pieces may not match that ceremony in the field at sunset with which you dream long ago!

3 - Complement the dress

The style of the dress also helps define what the wedding jewelry will look like. A flat model, with a boho footprint and a shining crown worthy of a princess, have nothing to do with it, do you agree?

Evaluating the details of the piece is essential to define which jewels can be used and how they should be. The popular illusion necklines dispense necklaces and ask for small earrings, for example.

4 - Think about the hairstyle

Try to think of wedding jewelry only after you define your hairstyle. This simple care helps prevent you from choosing parts with inadequate proportions - those that disappear or disappear, you know?

Briefly, imprisoned hairstyles ask you to use more discreet accessories, and loose hair allows you to dare with larger options. Balance is key!

5 - Seek harmony with other accessories

It is relatively common for brides to choose their shoes and hair accessory before setting off for jewelry. If this is the case, you still need to consider them in this equation!

Not to err, just try to seek harmony between all the items in question. Flashy accessories ask for discreet jewelry and vice versa. This simple care can prevent your look from getting over.

6 - Consider your options

It is unlikely that you have all the jewelry you want for the big day. So you need to think about how to get them so you do not get scared at the moment and end up jeopardizing the wedding budget.

From the cheapest option to the most expensive, you can borrow family jewelry, rent parts at specialist stores or order a tailor-made model for your big day.

7 - Respect your personal taste

If you've reached the stage of choosing wedding jewelry, you've probably heard it over and over in recent months that your wedding should be the way you want it, is not it?

Well, this line of thinking also applies to the makeup of your look! Do not feel compelled to meet other people's expectations if you are not comfortable with excess or lack of brightness combined.