5 Inventions That Can Turn us into Cyborgs

A few years ago cyborgs - half robot, half human - seemed like something from science fiction movies, but today you can become one of them yourself. We reveal 5 inventions that can turn anyone into Cyborg.

Possibly in a few years we will not say that we are hooked on technology, but that it is part of us. The so-called cyborgs - half human, half technology - are no longer a thing of the movies.

Technology is increasingly used to increase human capabilities. To give you an idea: there are already projects that allow us to communicate by telepathy.

Today we bring you 5 of the most innovative inventions to become a Cyborg. Although not all are already on sale, if they expect to be soon.

  • VivoKey Mini: This is a small 12 mm NFC chip that you can implant in your hand and automatically test your identity when logging into electronic banking, for example, or to connect to online services such as WordPress. To register your data you have to scan it with the NFC of your smartphone that would proceed to install an app where you would fill in all the information. Of course, for it to work there would have to be an agreement with the service provider. They predict that VivoKey will cost $ 99 and be available in August or September of this year.
  • AlterEgo: Telepathy could be real with AlterEgo. It is a gadget that you could put on your face to communicate silently with objects and people. That is, you could change the television channel with your mind - in the most Matilda style - or order a pizza at home over the Internet. The device detects small electrical signals generated by the muscles of the face and neck when we think or read, then transmits the signals to a computer. To communicate with another person you both have to wear helmets with bone conduction. It is still a research project, so there is no price or release date.
  • IQbuds and IQbuds Boost: IQbuds is a set of headphones created by Nuheara that allow you to amplify some sounds and mute others. It is designed for people who do not have hearing problems but find it difficult to listen in very noisy places. They are synchronized by Bluetooth with your smartphone so you can choose which environment you are in: restaurant, street, plane, etc. IQbuds Boost is designed for older users. You can buy them online today for $ 299 the basic version, and $ 499 the most advanced for the elderly.

  • OpenAPS: Digital advances can also help people with diseases. This is the case of OpenAPS, designed for patients with type 1 diabetes. It is able to detect changes in the blood sugar level to automatically give the patient the necessary dose of insulin. The device must be manufactured by yourself: you need an insulin pump and a continuous glucose monitoring system, as well as a Raspberry Pie computer, a wireless radio and a battery. The computer collects the data from the pump and the monitoring system in order to decide if you need more or less insulin, to send a command to the pump about how to act. You will get around 200 dollars assuming that you already have an insulin pump and a continuous glucose monitoring system.
  • Robotic Exoskeleton: The startup Roam Robotics seeks to develop exoskeletons to improve the performance of people in different activities. Your first product is designed for skiers; it is a device that fits the legs and through sensors detects body posture to detect which pair of tension each leg should receive, generated by a small drum that is inflated next to each knee. This would allow us to ski for more hours and under more difficult conditions. This winter it will be available for rent in California and Utah for between 70 and 100 dollars, and in 2020 it will be on sale for less than 2,000 dollars.