Why Instagram Co-Founders Leave Facebook

The co-founders of Instagram, the social network that is growing the most in number of users, have decided to leave Facebook. KevinSystrom and Mike Krieger were part of the Internet giant since 2012, when Facebook bought Instagram.

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, co-founders of Instagram have resigned from Facebook Inc, which they have been part of since 2012 when the platform bought Instagram. With his departure it is predicted that Instagram will be more linked to Facebook.

The social network of the camera symbol is currently valued at one billion dollars, although when the co-founders sold it to Facebook they did so for 715 million dollars. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg bought this platform that already has more than one billion users on the planet, and has been the most successful acquisition of Facebook.

The reasons why the co-founders have decided to leave Facebook have been explained in a press release by Kevin Systrom, on the official Instagram page:

"We are preparing to take a while off to discover our interest and also imagination once again. Structure brand-new points needs us to go back, recognize what motivates us as well as integrate that with what the globe requires; that's what we intend to do, "stated Systrom on the main Instagram web page.

Instagram has highlighted in recent years thanks to the great competitiveness with which has faced Snapchat, another of the buoyant platforms today, and which has stood up to his 'Stories' on Instagram, a tool that is very similar to which Snapchat offers on its social platform. In addition, the social network has had the advantage of being able to use the resources that Facebook has offered.

As Systrom explained about his time at Facebook Inc, "Mike and I are grateful for the last eight years on Instagram and six years with the Facebook team. We have grown from 13 people to more than a thousand with offices around the world, all while creating products used and loved by a community of over one billion. "

That is, both founders are prepared to leave this company and start from scratch, focusing on being creative and thinking about new technological tools that society demands soon.

Zuckerberg has praised the co-founders and their creativity in a statement. "I've learned a lot from working with them for the past six years and I really enjoyed it. I wish you all the best and I am eager to see what you build next, "wrote the CEO of Facebook.

This is not the first time something similar happens with the CEOs of a large company bought by the social media giant. This year the co-founder of WhatsApp Jan Koum also decided to leave Facebook Inc since he did not share the user's privacy policy and the data exchange that Facebook has carried out. Thus, the co-founder of Koum, Brian Acton also left Facebook in the year 2017.

Facebook shares have dropped 6% this year, changing the direction the company was taking as their stock rose each year. Thus, it is expected that the departure of the co-founders will cause stocks to continue to fall, according to Bloomberg.

Therefore Facebook and Instagram will continue to work more closely, now without the creators of the most successful social network of the moment, but the shortcomings that currently cross Facebook will be compensated with the unique qualities that Instagram offers its users.