Tricks to Appear On the First Page of Google Results

Going out on the first page of Google results is touching the sky in terms of SEO. If you want to improve the positioning of your website, do not miss the following tricks that you can implement from now.

Working properly SEO involves addressing multiple factors, from the optimization of videos and images and the adaptation of content to mobile devices, to the changes that Google introduces in its algorithms, such as the appearance of Penguin 4.0 or the growing importance of searches by voice and local SEO. In short, that getting to appear in the top positions does not depend on chance at all, but success implies knowing this science thoroughly and executing a comprehensive and comprehensive plan that touches all areas of the web, its design and its dissemination to be leader in Google results.

Whatever your web page, ecommerce platform or onlinebusiness, appear on the first page of Google results ensures visibility, better reputation, a higher conversion rate, more profitability and increase the number of visits and the percentage of sales. Once you get there, keeping yourself will also be complicated, needing to update your strategy, perform periodic audits, constantly training and knowing the main priority factors for the search engine.

Here are some of the keys to success and place your content on the first page of the Google SERP:

SEO keys to appear on the first page of Google

  • Update old content: Taking advantage of previously published content is essential when working on SEO. To do this, you can carry out numerous actions such as including new hyperlinks in articles, expanding the text or audiovisual material, adding an infographic or graphic presentation, allowing the downloading of content through an ebook, sharing it again in social networks or root of it, create a podcast or video.

  • Try to reduce your bounce rate: This is the percentage that tells you when a user leaves your website in a few seconds without surfing it or consume its contents. You can implement different strategies to reduce it, such as checking if you have included the tracking code on all the pages, monitoring and evaluating the results provided by the analytics or renewing your marketing actions.

  • Contribute value with your content: It is one of the keys to go on the first page of Google, your content must be true to the theme of your page, as well as fresh, varied and oriented to the keywords for which you have managed to position yourself. The fundamental thing to stay at the top is to add value to your visitors, listen to the signals of the search engine, implement different strategies to reduce it, get the engagement of the readers and offer an optimal user experience, promoting a good loading speed or intuitive navigation

  • Regular update of content: Publish irregularly or every time you lose ballots to be positioned at the top of Google. The periodic update ensures you remain relevant, gain visibility and get more feedback from readers. It is essential that you try to diversify your content and nurture yourself from the best experts.

  • Go deeper into the Google Accelerated Mobile page: Speed ​​is increasingly important, so you can search this open source project and find all the fundamental criteria to optimize your website for search engines targeting mobile devices.

  • Collaborate with other blogs and influencers of your niche: It is very important to expand your audience segment and get quality backlinks, which will increase your traffic and also the loyalty of your readers. For this, one of the main keys is to associate with bloggers and influencers of your same theme, which increase your visibility and reach through social networks, as well as the number of visits. This will cause you to remain relevant and useful in the eyes of the robots of the famous search engine.