This Manager Allows You to Agglutinate All Chrome Extensions in One Place

Thanks to a new update of Google Chrome Canary will soon be possible to access a new extensions manager that allows controlling them more easily in a special menu.

Google currently has the most popular browser. Google Chrome is a standard for many people who install it as soon as they have a new team, or even use it when working with their personal account, keeping all the data and extensions that they "delete" when they log out.

For its security, customization and speed, although it consumes a lot of RAM, Chrome is a great browser. One of its secrets are the extensions, complementary applications that we can add and that allow us to do practically everything, from saving texts automatically to having all Google services in a tab, notes, tools to consume less RAM, etc.

The management of extensions in Chrome, however, is not the best, and that's why Google is testing new features. The Mountain View just updated Canary Google Chrome with a new extensions manager that will soon reach the stable version of the browser.

Google Chrome Canary is the browser that is constantly updated in which Google tests the new functions that will reach the final version. It is not suitable for all users, since it is not so stable, but if you want to be the first to try the Chrome news, it is clear that you should try Canary.

What Google is testing is an extensions manager in Google Chrome with certain functions that allow us to have more control over all these tools. Thus, we can perform different functions from a simpler menu, and we have the possibility of not setting an extension to the browser bar, but always having it on hand in a special menu.

How to activate the Google Chrome extension manager

This new Google Ghrome notification manager is very easy to use. All we have to do is install Canary and search for "chrome: // flags" in the address bar. There, we access the special Chrome options. We search for "Extensions Toolbar Menu" and activate the options.

After restarting, we will see how a piece of a puzzle comes out in the upper right, next to the user image. In this new extension appear all the extensions that we have and we can configure them.
This is something that could be done with the right mouse click on each extension, but now we can choose between settings or not to set the extension in the bar, but having it always accessible in a simple way in the new extensions menu. We do not know when Chrome will be updated with the new extensions page, but without a doubt, it is a useful new tool.