The Real Reason Why Hotels Use White Sheets

Do you know why the sheets of virtually any hotel are white? We reveal the curiosity and we explain the reason why this is so in tourist accommodation.

It is no secret that no matter how clean they are or how luxurious they are, hotels are places of transit through which thousands of people pass and which, consequently, become a hotbed of germs. Some of the main objects or spaces plagued by bacteria are the chairs of the rooms, the remote controls of the TV, the menu of the food, or the hair dryers.

However, in contrast to the aforementioned objects, there is a place that you probably do not have to worry about too much: it's about the sheets, whose usual white color in the hotels has not been chosen randomly, but obeys a reason. At first glance, it might seem absurd to choose this color because white cloth is easier to stain, but it just makes sense.

Westin hotels were the first to popularize hotel linens in the 1990s. According to Les Roches, a global hospitality management school, all-white beds look more luxurious and serve to provide a better experience for users. , including a higher perception of the hotel and a higher quality rest.

The white color strategy to improve the image and comfort also applies to towels and bathrobes. The purpose also has a practical nature since the bed and bath linen can be washed together without fading.