The Infallible And Simple Asian Method To Have A Flat Stomach

Now the summer is approaching and the work hours at the gym are high, although not everyone has enough time. Therefore, some alternatives are even more useful, easy exercises to lose weight at home and lose weight without having to spend hours and hours. One of the most innovative is the so-called "Asian method".

Its inventor is Miki Ryosuke, a true star on YouTube thanks to his home exercises to lose weight. Of all those who have published, the most successful only requires about ten minutes a day to maximize the benefits in both weight loss and abdominal firmness.

According to him, he has managed to lose 13 kilos of weight in only one week, although it is an affirmation that must be put into due quarantine, taking into account that they come from an interested party. What is clear is that its easy exercise to burn fat in only four steps works, and this is supported by experts.

Of course, it does not serve as a substitute for a proper exercise session, much harder and also more complete since it exercises several muscle groups. However, it is an ideal alternative for those who do not have too much time and can only work a few minutes a day, although it must be combined with a balanced diet and foods low in fat and sugar.

Pay attention: this is how the Asian method for burning fat and having a flat stomach works:

  • Stand up by advancing one leg. Place the other one somewhat lagging behind the body.
  • Contract your buttocks and load your weight on the leg you have placed behind.
  • Make an inspiration of about three seconds and raise your arms at the same time over the head.
  • It expels air with force during seven seconds putting contracting all the muscles of your body that you can.

There are several theories explaining why this method works, although they do not coincide with each other and do not present solid scientific evidence in their favor. It is most likely to burn calories simply because of the muscular effort involved in constantly contracting the muscles.