The 10 Safest European Cities to Study

If you are thinking about applying for an Erasmus scholarship in the future or if you wish to take a master's or postgraduate abroad, we can tell you which are the safest European cities, according to the classification developed by HousingAnywhere.

What do you repair when choosing the city where to study your training? Surely one of the fundamental aspects, along with others such as language or the cost of everyday life, is security. To find out which are the safest European cities HousingAnywhere has launched an investigation, taking into account public data such as crime level in the city, ease of transportation, behavior versus international students, and also experiences of the current students. Among the cities that offer greater security are two Spanish destinations.

Madrid and Barcelona share the top ten positions with other major European capitals such as Berlin, Copenhagen or Amsterdam. In particular, Madrid appears in the eighth position and Barcelona in the tenth, while the clear leadership of the safest cities to study is held by Vienna, followed by Prague, Stockholm, Munich and Zurich.

In Spain, the numbers of Erasmus students continue to rise, attracted by the language, rich gastronomy, artistic and cultural diversity or good weather. Specifically, Barcelona shines for its modern and cosmopolitan character, the large number of leisure offers, access to sea and mountains or its enclaves and monuments characteristic of modernism, with Gaudi as a star.

For its part, Madrid is an integrating and welcoming city for students, with a leading and cheap public transport, great university offer, leadership in business innovation and good connection with other places in Spain, whose university system has led to the recent they have increased qualitatively and quantitatively the programs of collaboration with universities of other parts of the world, as they emphasize from HousingAnywhere.