How Is A Perfect Nap According To Science?

Surely you have wondered many times what steps you should take to sleep naps with an adequate duration and that do not reduce your performance throughout the afternoon. Science explains the main recommendations you should follow.

In the Quora network, a multitude of people share knowledge and answer very diverse questions. These are the recommendations of Linda Baumgartner regarding the steps to follow to achieve an ideal nap. Take advantage of this classic break time to improve your productivity and be more active during the rest of the day.

4 tips for a perfect nap

  • Relax your mind, free it of worries and focus on rest when you go to nap. Keep in mind that this short break will help you to be more productive the rest of the day and to feel more alert when you wake up.
  • Take a nap right after eating. If you do it in the afternoon you will wake up from it with greater drowsiness. This happens because, with the advance of the day and the proximity with the night, the chances of falling into a deep sleep increase, point to avoid when we want to take a brief nap. For this reason, several experts say that the best time to take a nap, based on our sleep rhythms, is between 2 and 4 in the afternoon.
  • The nap should last between 15 and 25 minutes. Even according to the most recent scientific studies, the perfect nap lasts 26 minutes. With it, you will achieve benefits such as reducing stress or improving memory. If you exceed half an hour or forty minutes you will fall into a deep sleep and upon awakening, you will feel dazed and drowsy.
  • It is advisable to consume foods that advertise a good night's sleep. This indicates avoiding foods that are high in acid, sugar and also fat. They ought to also prevent large amounts of high levels of caffeine or alcohol. On the various other hand, for a relaxing rest it is advisable to consume foods with nutrients that favor rest such as bananas, oatmeal or a hot mug of milk.