Cheap Destinations to Travel at Easter 2020

If you are looking for low cost trips in Easter, we tell you which are some of the most economical destinations to which you can choose, both nationally and internationally Fasten your seat belt.

Holy Week is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. After a few months since Christmas, it offers many a long break from the routine and strength until the summer.

This year, Holy Week 2020 takes place in mid-April. Specifically from April 15 to the 21 of this month, with April 18 and 19 being Holy Thursday and Holy Friday respectively.

Although there is little left for this date, and due to this, the prices of flights and hotels are becoming more expensive, we have searched to find low cost destinations for this Holy Week that will allow you to still be able to make a getaway during these days.

From plans for the beach, to skiing or visiting some foreign cities, below we show you 8 cheap destinations for Easter in 2020, either by finding cheap flights, affordable accommodations or even a lower cost of living than in Spain. That will allow you not to overspend while you are traveling.

But do not fall asleep. You should know that the offers collected here may vary or even disappear as Easter approaches.