Very Obvious Symptoms That You Should Stop Eating Meat Right Now

Have you ever felt bad after eating meat? This does not have to go beyond a simple indigestion, although depending on what happens to you and if it is repeated at other times, it can be a symptom of intolerance to the meat, or at least of some problem to digest it correctly.

Not all meats have to cause digestive problems. In fact, eating them is safe unless you feel that you repeatedly feel bad after doing it. If it has happened to you, you should consult a doctor and probably change your diet.

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Eating less meat or going on a vegan diet may be a good option, although you should always do so under the recommendation and follow-up of a doctor or nutritionist. However, you should watch your body if you see some of the following signs that indicate that your body does not feel good flesh.
  • Constant tiredness: This symptom is quite common and easy to explain. Your body extracts energy from food, so if one of your meals is not well digested, you run the risk of not having enough energy. Also, if the food is "stuck" in your digestive system, it will use more energy to try to assimilate it.

  • Loss of muscle mass: Meat and other animal products are a good source of protein and vitamin B12. If both nutrients are not digested as they should be, not only do you not have energy but you will not be able to rebuild the damaged muscle fibers. Of course, there are other sources of protein of vegetable origin, so if you follow a balanced diet you may not have noticed a decrease in your muscle mass. However, if you eat a lot of meat, you may have done it.

  • Constipation: Any problem that directly affects your digestive system is likely to cause diarrhea or constipation. It's the way your intestines react to a problem of unknown origin. If you experience constipation with some other symptoms of meat intolerance, we may talk about something serious.

  • Abdominal bloating and gas: A bad digestion can make you feel bloated, with more food than normal in the stomach and intestines. It usually occurs after very heavy and copious meals or when a food is not handled correctly. If you also experience gas after eating meat, check with your doctor.

  • Bad breath: If your body does not feel good about the meat and has problems to break down these foods, it is possible that the bad smell of the whole process is transferred to your breath and to a lesser extent to your skin. It is easy to check and contrast if this happens since you can compare the smell of your breath after eating meat with the one you have when you eat something else.