Tracks That Your Landline Or Mobile Phone Has Been Tapped

We review the clearest clues you can see to know if your smartphone or your landline have been tapped and therefore, you should worry about espionage, thieves or hackers.

You may have noticed some kind of strange behavior on your mobile phone or even on your phone at some time. This can be a breakdown, a technical problem or a hack. Although the signs you perceive are not definitive, it is crucial to know them in order to be alert and, if applicable, report them to the authorities so that they can carry out a thorough analysis of the evidence.

From Panda Security review what are the main signs that a phone has been tapped. In the case of a fixed one, a symptom to make the alarms jump comes via sound. If you hear background clicks or static noise it could be indicative that the device has been intervened, although it can also be due to a bad connection or random interferences. Notice that it is normal for the landline to be silent while you are not using it.

If your home has recently suffered an attempted robbery, you should also worry, especially if nothing of value has been stolen, since the criminals may have installed surveillance equipment or compromised your connections, including your landline. For sounds you can use a low frequency sound bandwidth sensor, while it is also important to keep an eye on the outer case to see if any piece of hardware of strange origin has been installed. If you are still worried, contact your company to carry out a line check, being able to detect other people's devices or illegal eavesdropping.

In the case of your smart terminal you should pay attention to its autonomy. If you suddenly have a lot less battery for no reason the hackers could have remotely installed spyware or data theft that, running in the background, consumes a lot of power. Other symptoms are that the mobile is turned on or off alone, that technologies such as 4G or GPS are activated alone or that applications are installed without your consent.

Receive SMS with random strings of letters or numbers of unknown senders or check if your phone bill has had a higher cost without having decided you can also indicate that a third party is making use of your line. A possibility that you can install listening detection apps to capture signals or detect that someone has not authorized access to your mobile data. Of course, this type of software is not infallible!