Toyota Releases All Its Electric and Hybrid Patents to the World

All the interested brands will be able to use Toyota's hybrid and electric technology for the design of their vehicles, since the famous car house has announced the liberalization of patents.

Toyota patents on the electric car should be stored in a drawer at the bottom of a high security cell on a fifth floor underground and military security. They should: undoubtedly, they are the fundamental leg on which Toyota's present and future have been based. However, the brand has decided to liberalize patents on the electric car, in an attempt to popularize this technology.

At Toyota they say that the technology is already mature and that they want to help hybrid and electric cars become popular, that they can help new brands to develop clean cars. In total, Toyota has liberalized 23,740 patents related to electricity, patents developed during the last 20 years. Is Toyota a little sister of charity who wants to help others? Well no, of course not.

Electric, hybrid and internal combustion cars will coexist in equal parts in 2040

"Taking into account the great request for information about our patents for electrification systems, we have seen the need to popularize our hybrid and electric technology. We believe that the time for cooperation has arrived. If the number of electrified cars continues to increase at the current rate, in the next ten years it will be the most common technology and that is where we hope to play a key role in supporting this process. "Shigeki Terashi, Executive Vice President of Toyota.

Put another way: Toyota liberalizes its patents so that everyone can use them. Obviously, Toyota's competitors will not use them, since the brands already have their own technology and it would not be well seen that a Peugeot used Toyota's electrical technology. However, smaller brands can rely on these patents, of which Toyota will not take anything imminently, but in the long term, thanks to the technical support they will offer.

If Toyota achieves that its electrical technology is protagonist and usual in the market of new cars, there is no doubt that Toyota will have the power in their hands. It will be, in practice, the one that manages most of the electrified cars thanks to its own technology. We will see if the play goes well or if it is a historical strategic error.