This is the Most (And Least) Happy Country on Every Continent

A Chinese proverb says that man knows a hundred days of happiness, nor does the flower retain its color for a hundred days. Although it can not last forever, what are the most and least happy countries in the world?

The analysis of happiness in the world is now available for the seventh consecutive year. We are talking about the World Happiness Report 2019 that classifies 156 countries by their levels of happiness using criteria such as GDP per capita, healthy life expectancy, and social support, freedom of choice, generosity and perception about corruption. As the saying goes and as science has also shown, money does not necessarily give happiness, or what is the same, especially from a certain level of income, having more money does not produce greater satisfaction. Time, as revealed by this Harvard study, is increasingly important.

The following infographic elaborated by Visual Capitalist collects which are the most and least happy countries of each one of the continents of the planet. In North America the United States is collapsing, largely due to the proliferation of addictions: opioids, work addiction, gambling, Internet, exercise and even shopping, among them. Canada is positioned as the most satisfied region and on the reverse; Haiti is the least happy due to extreme poverty and infrastructure problems, education, health or sanitation.

In South America, most countries are grouped around six on the happiness scale. Chile stands out as a winner with a 6.4, while Venezuela falls to a standstill due to the humanitarian crisis and economic hyperinflation.

Looking at Europe, where the Nordic countries are considered superpowers of happiness, Finland is at the top of the world for the second consecutive year, due among other factors to the stable balance between work and life, reinforced by a comprehensive welfare state for its population. In general, the Scandinavian countries have a score 16% above the world average. For its part, Ukraine is the unhappy nation in the Old Continent.

Taking a look at the Middle East and Central Asia, Uzbekistan shows the fastest regional improvement, since the country has launched an ambitious reform agenda for greater economic, social and political development and opening. Other conflicts such as the civil war in Syria or the Israeli-Palestinian conflict diminish happiness in the participating countries, with the exception of Israel, number 13 worldwide. In East Asia, the average happiness score is quite close to the global score, with Taiwan at the top as the happiest country. It also highlights the healthy state of Singapore, while neighbors like Malaysia have fallen from the position number 35 to 80.

Finally, the African continent is 19.2% below the world average. South Sudan is the most unhappy country in the world with only 2.9, while the Republic of Mauritius is the best positioned. Benin has also grown, supported by the World Bank in key structural reforms, such as poverty reduction and access to basic services.