This Is the Favorite Programming Language of Software Engineers

Rust remains (83.5%) as the programming language most loved by professionals in the sector, followed by Python (73.1%), which exceeds the different Java and JavaScript alternatives.

Open the melon of what is the best programming language is never simple: the programmers are very yours when it comes to choosing which their working environment is and almost never there is consensus. Almost never, because it seems that lately there is a technology that is reaping great interest among most software engineers: Python.

This is reflected in a survey conducted by Stack Overflow among 90,000 developers in 179 countries, stating that Rust remains (83.5%) as the language most loved by professionals in the sector, followed by Python (73.1%). For the first time, the latter exceeds one of the classics in these conflicts, Typescript (73.1%) and, of course, also alternatives such as Kotlin (72.6%), both based on or related to Java and JavaScript.

On the contrary, programmers also have in their minds some of the most horrible languages, those that do not want to see or in painting: 75.2% of respondents recognized their hatred regarding Microsoft VBA, while another 68.7% He expressed the same in relation to Objective-C, compared to 57.5% who refuse to use C or 54.2% who cry when using PHP.

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And if what weigh more on the equation are the researches and curiosities raised by the Respectable, Python also returns to lead the classification to collect 25.7% of all searches related to programming languages. A percentage similar to that of past years and that exceeds with obvious clarity 17.8% of searches on JavaScript, 14.6% of Typescript or 11.1% of Catlin.