The Startup with the Most Funding In Each European Country

Some of the startups with more projection of the European continent are the British One Web, the French BlaBlaCar or the Swedish Klarna. We review the money that moves and which is the most important in each country.

There are several startups with the expectation of going public this 2019, from Backspace, Robin Hood or Cloudflare to the famous Uber, Lfyt, Airbnb or Slack. Almost all of them are great American technology that already finalizes the fringes of their output to the Wall Street screens.

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Uber, the collaborative transport startup that has opened several legislative fronts in many countries - considering it to be unfair competition before media such as taxis - handed over on Thursday, April 11, the precise documentation to start selling its shares on the New York Stock Exchange, as did his direct competitor Lyft about two weeks ago. In this order, as detailed from Statista the next to debut in the parks will be Pinterest and the business software company Slack.
The following infographic puts the focus in Europe to reflect which is the technological startup that currently has the most funding on this side of the Atlantic, highlighting the company of this most important caliber in each of the regions of the Old Continent.

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With data from CBInsights in Spain, the most financed startup is the Cabify transport app, with 365 million euros in April of this year. In Europe, the one with the most powerful investment behind is OneWeb, with 3,074 million euros behind it. Other heavyweights follow, such as Auto1Group, Veeam Software or Klarna, all three above 400 million Euros in funding.