The Best Apps and Web Pages to Learn To Play an Instrument

Music not only calms the beasts and is the food of the soul, but learning to play an instrument is very positive for your cognitive development, your concentration or your motivation. These are the best apps for this.

Learning to play a musical instrument has many benefits: from exercising your motor skills to improving your thinking, intellect, creativity and artistic skills. In the process, you will be free of stress, improve your coordination, optimize your memory and promote your capacity for expression.
It does not matter if you are a child or an adult, any age is good to begin with. In fact, a study published last year in the Journal of Neuroscience shows the benefits of making music to improve hearing and prevent cognitive decline and confirms that from the first moment of practice, your brain will thank you.

Taking advantage of the potential of the Internet and new technologies, you can dedicate a day to start practicing your favorite instrument, from the piano to the guitar or a percussion instrument such as the drums, thanks to a complete application. We tell you, then, what are the best apps to learn to play an instrument. These will help you to get started, get familiar and later, go to an academy, conservatory or private classes if you have more interest.

The best applications to learn to play an instrument

  • Yousician: Available for both iPhone and Android, this complete application, which has a free version and also premium for the most advantaged students, will teach you to play guitar, piano, bass or ukulele. It is endorsed by the use of more than 25 million people from more than 150 different countries. It has more than 1500 exercises, different tracks with musical lessons, step-by-step tutorials and monitoring of student progress. In addition, you can complete a weekly challenge and thanks to the microphone of your device, Yousician analyzes the shape, speed and melody with which you are playing to improve your level and experience with the real instrument.
  • Real Drum: If your dream has always been to play the drums, this light, practical and fun application simulates the instrument on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. You can use your fingers like drumsticks and listen to what the percussion is like. You have 60 drum lessons and you can personalize it with images and sounds that you like.
  • Walk Band: This popular application for Android is a tool of virtual musical instruments customized for Android. It is ideal to familiarize yourself with the guitar, drum machine or bass drum, among other options. In this way, you can "touch" your favorite music from your smartphone and also, you can connect it with an external MIDI keyboard with USB.
  • Real Guitar: This is one of the most complete free applications to learn to play the guitar, simulating the instrument very realistically on the screen of your mobile. If you want to learn the first chords and access recorded sounds with studio quality, download it and benefit from its more than 1,500 chords, three ways to practice, three types of guitar and many practical lessons. In addition, you can export all the results to MP3.
  • Pianist HD: One of the most complete on the market, backed by more than 40 million downloads. Instead of setting a unique learning mode it is a fun practical game to learn to play the piano according to your level, preferences and rhythm. Among other advantages, it allows you to adjust the speed and volume in the playback of the content, offers 128 MIDI instruments and hosts more than 50,000 tracks and songs.
  • Simply Piano: This app is similar to Yousician, being able to be used with a real instrument and receiving feedback in real time about the user's interpretation. If you do not have a piano, do not worry, you can use a virtual keyboard on the screen. The app includes lessons with all the basic concepts, from interpreting scores to knowing the chords. You can access daily exercises to reinforce your learning and deepen the piano.
  • Violin Lessons: If you want to get away from the piano and the guitar and bet on the violin this application has simple and intuitive video lessons to incorporate all the basic concepts and fundamental information about the accessories and the instrument.
  • Coach Guitar: If you do not have patience or want to absorb theoretical knowledge, this fun app to learn to play the guitar and available for both Android and iOS allows you to learn the chords and movements using color patterns that represent your fingers. HD videos, fun and addictive step-by-step tutorials or small goals to stay motivated and learn even faster will guide you. Thanks to the interactive mast you can start being an amateur guitarist.
  • Piano - Songs, notes, classical music and games: This platform is based on an electric keyboard simulator with sounds of virtual musical instruments that will help you to read musical notes and learn the chords. You can choose between grand piano, organ, harpsichord, accordion or harp, among many others. Ready to start?