Strange Sounds Your Body Makes and How They Affect Your Health

Crunching knuckles, complaining intestines, ringing in the ears... Our body emits strange sounds on many occasions. If you want to know what they owe, pay attention because we explain it in this article.

Our body makes noises constantly. Some are completely normal, and sometimes emits others that may indicate that something is not right. Knowing their origin, causes and reasons will help you know when to worry and when not. Here is a list of 10 strange sounds your body makes and what to do about it.

Whistling in the ears

That kind of whistle that is sometimes heard, for example when laying your head on the pillow, occurs when something blocks external noise, which allows us to hear the sound of blood passing through the jugular and the carotid artery, which are located behind the ear. If you notice this noise during the day, it may be because the Eustachian tube is congested by an allergy or an infection.

Cracking the neck

You do not have to worry if your neck will creak from time to time. This sound is due to the fact that when the neck is bent, the facet joints, which are the connections between the vertebrae of the commune, move. They are filled with liquid and surrounded by a capsule, and the decrease in pressure that is produced by the movement can generate gas. The noise is emitted by the gas when going outside. However, if you feel pain you have to consult the doctor.

Intestinal noises

If you wonder why your guts sound, the answer is very simple. On the one hand, you can if you listen to it after eating it is due to the food and the fluids that move through the digestive system. In case you hear on an empty stomach is either because your intestine is cleaning the remains of food, or because you are hungry, because in both cases the brain triggers the same action. In case the sound is accompanied by pains or cramps, consult the doctor.

Wheezing when turning

It is possible that when you turn the trunk you will hear small wheezing. These sounds are normal and are due to the fact that the air emits a whistle when the airway that carries the air that enters and leaves the lungs is twisted. Of course, if you experience some type of problem or difficulty breathing, see the doctor as soon as possible, since it can be a symptom of an allergy or an obstruction.

Vaginal windiness

Occasionally, the vagina emits a noise of windiness that occurs when an air bag goes outside. It is a completely normal and harmless sound that does not cause any damage.

Strong crack in the shoulder

If you hear a strong crunch when you move your shoulder, you may have an inflamed joint. The problem may be that you have made repetitive movements and swollen the bag with the joint fluid. This sound usually disappears by itself after a few days, but if accompanied by a severe pain go to the doctor.

Phantom sound

Why do our ears ring at times? Phantom sound such as whistling or buzzing sound may be caused by an infection, by being exposed to very loud sounds or due to aging. The problem is solved by itself, but if it persists after two days or if you have pain, go see your doctor.


As you should know, hiccups are a completely normal noise that is emitted when the diaphragm contracts involuntarily, which causes the trachea to close immediately and produce the characteristic noise. The phenomenon occurs when you eat too fast and drink too much alcohol. If the hiccup attack is not passed after a short time, go to the doctor's office.

Whistles of the nose

The whistling of the nose is usually caused by mucus, which obstructs the flow of air. You can treat it with decongestant medications if you have a cold or with antihistamines if you have allergies.

Wheezing with cough

If you have wheezing with coughing fits, this could mean you have asthma. Allergens inflame the airways, squeeze the muscles around you and leave you breathless. In case this happens only after sports, you may have asthma induced by exercise. Make a visit to the doctor to assess you.