Speed Gate, the First Sport in the World Created With AI

Speed gate is the name of the first sport in the world created thanks to Artificial Intelligence and developed by the leading company Nvidia, specialist in graphic processors.

Nvidia is very proud of the advances in artificial intelligence that are being produced thanks to their GPUs. Nvidia is one of the leading companies in the creation of graphics processors, and the bandwidth of its new generation of graphics allows researchers, at different levels, to make advances with artificial intelligence.

The company has been showing different projects over the past year that is possible thanks to the bestial bandwidth of their GPU. For example, he has shown us how his AI has learned to correct images with noise, but also how he can render a game on his own and, in addition, how it can be used as a drawing tool.

Now, however, it shows us the first sport created with artificial intelligence. It's called Speed gate ... and it looks like real chaos. First of all, we leave the Speed gate video for you to see how to play this sport created by the AI:

An artificial intelligence, for the moment, cannot create something from nothing, must learn from something existing, then apply the algorithms ("knowledge") and shape something new. In this sense, the company AKQA has trained an artificial intelligence with the data of 400 real sports, as we can read in the Technos Club blog.

They have introduced into the system the basic rules and concepts of all these sports and, little by little, the development team was putting logical limits to what the AI ​​was creating. They gave life to unreal sports, like explosive Frisbees, but in the end there were three sports and Speedgate was the winner.

Now ... how to play the game created by artificial intelligence? The game is quite simple. There are two teams and the ball is a rugby ball. Each team has a "goal" and there is another goal in the central part of the field. It consists of scoring in the central door and, later, in the door of the field of each team.

The peculiarity is that the ball must be constantly in motion, since it must be passed every three seconds. It is a frenetic sport that we do not know if it will take place, but that demonstrates the potential of AI even in fields that, until now, were "human". The following chart published by the company shows the rules of the game.