Soon It Will Be Possible To Schedule the Sending Of Emails in Gmail

A new feature much in demand by users could soon reach Gmail: it is the possibility to schedule emails to be sent on the date and time you want.

It's been 15 years since Google introduced Gmail, the most popular mail service in the world today. For a time competed against Hotmail and Yahoo, but right now and thanks to Android is unrivaled, although that does not mean that Google has relaxed. The proof of them is the round of news that has just announced, such as the option to schedule mail in Gmail.

It is a new feature that according to Google will be available very soon, starting today, although we have tried it on several devices and it seems that it has not yet been enabled worldwide. The option to schedule the sending of a Gmail email for later came being claimed by users for years, so it is very good news.

It is not the only news confirmed by Google, which also communicates the deployment of its Smart Compose function in all devices and operating systems or the responses in the form of thread within Gmail.

The news coincides temporarily with the death of Inbox, the experimental mail app of Google from which all the Gmail improvements we have seen lately have come out, such as the option to delay emails. Finally, the company has decided to focus on a single application, although it cannot be said that the Inbox experience has not been enriching.

Gmail is today much better than yesterday, or rather it will be as soon as Google deploys the expected update. Surely more improvements will come, and is that the one that has become default mail of more than half a planet cannot rest on its laurels: higher towers have fallen, and if not ask in Hotmail.

Little by little Google is doing another parallel operation: improving the integration of Gmail in its ecosystem of applications and services. Now for example you have access to Keep from your inbox, or Google Calendar. The company wants you not to need other tools than yours, and the truth is that you are about to get it.

The arrival of the new feature can be a matter of hours. After years of waiting, it's probably not a good idea to get impatient at the last minute, so simply check if you have an update available on your Androidphone or iOS.