Futureleaders, the MBA for Children under 25 Who Want To Start a Startup

FutureLeaders is a specific business program for people under 25 who want to start their own startup or work in a company, learning from managers of companies like Wallapop, Habitissimo, Cabify, Job & Talent, 21buttons, Tuenti or Hawkers.

If you are a millennial who has not yet reached the age of 26 and your dream is to found a startup or belong to it, a specific training has been created in Spain designed to give young people the knowledge and skills necessary to be part of this type of company, usually of technological base, scalable and of fast growth. This is the FutureLeaders program, launched by ThePowerMBA and focused specifically on startups, where talent and flexibility take precedence over other traditional proposals.

The history of this business program owes its origin to a scholarship organized this past July by the organization, looking for young Spaniards with the capacity, desire and leadership to attend their training for free, and to which more than 3,000 young people presented their 30 seats The massive influx of candidates revealed an important training gap that nobody had covered so far, since startups are a fairly recent type of company and closely linked to the technological boom.

Given the success of the proposal, from ThePowerMBA have enabled 150 new places at a price of 575 euros, which can be chosen by those students whose application is previously accepted. "We seek to create community with people who share a philosophy of life based on wanting to change and improve things, acting from companies. This program is not accessed only by paying, "adds Gonzalo.

Rafael Gozalo, one of the co-CEO of the company says that "talented young people are no longer motivated by office careers and schedules. Neither captivates the labor proposal of a traditional company. They want to get involved in things that count. They want to work in startups. " Thus, the MBA was born with the vocation that students acquire the necessary skills for this type of company.

Like ThePowerMBA, the Future Leaders program is 100% online, through 275 sessions of 15 minutes in video taught by entrepreneurs and managers from companies such as Tuenti, LinkedIn, Glovo, ING Direct, LetsBonus or Hawkers. The training will bet for the acceleration and the professional orientation, the contact by companies through video interviews or the creation of a powerful community to share interests and concerns.