Ecological Technology: The Most Sustainable Gadgets On The Market

10 sustainable gadgets for a greener world

We review some of the most sustainable gadgets on the market, ecological technology that allows us to solve everyday problems and meet day-to-day needs while respecting the environment and nature.
The fight against climate change, the respect for natural ecosystems or the care of biodiversity result in the creation of gadgets or greener technological products, at the same time that many more 100% sustainable businesses also emerge. In 2017, around 400 million smartphones and eco-devices worldwide were sold according to Juniper Research estimates, characterized by low environmental cost, resource efficiency and savings for the consumer.

Some of the most notorious examples of sustainable gadgets are solar smartphones, modular phones and other devices characterized by the use of recycled materials or that are intended to take advantage of renewable energy, better your energy efficiency or practice a more sustainable consumption.
If what you want is to know some of the gadgets and gadgets that contribute most to caring for the environment and put the focus on sustainability, we collect some of them below.

Philips Hue Motion Sensor

This gadget allows you to control the lights of your Philips Hue house through WiFi, configuring them to light up when someone enters the room and therefore, contributing to savings and better energy efficiency. Find it here

Fairphone 2

This modular smartphone model pioneered eco-friendly mobiles and continues to be one of the references. This model also allows you to change your screen in a blink of an eye by removing the case and battery and accessing the clips that hold it and change it. Yes, the price of this Fairphone 2 is 525 euros, you can buy it here.

Insight Smart Plug

This adapter can be connected to a power outlet to control an accessory or device plugged in with your smartphone. It tracks the energy consumed by the gadget plugged in.

Anker PowerPort Solar

Instead of dragging a giant portable battery to charge your phone or tablet, the Anker solar panel uses the king star to charge your favorite devices - from Android or iOS to your Kindle or tablet. Among its advantages, it allows to load two devices at the same time and it is folded so that you can take it anywhere. You can find it here, although for a handful of euros less there is also its Lite version.

O2 Recycle

This is an ecological mobile made from recycled pieces of old or discarded phones, frozen lawn of the Twickenham stadium in the United Kingdom, as part of the ecological campaign Recycle for Rugby. , wood, resin and other recycled elements.

Mapu GuaquƩn

If we talk about materials and to combine the traditional with the modern respecting the environment we must highlight these modern clay speakers signed by the Chilean designer Pablo Ocqueteau, who molds them on a potter's wheel mixing the art of ceramics with the leading wireless technology. You can find them in the following link.


If we talk about ecological appliances, the Eva polar portable air conditioning system stands out, a 16 cm x 16 cm cube and 1.68 kg that uses water evaporation to cool a small room in a very short time, cleaning and moistening the air.

H2O, the clock that works with water

These German watches are made with materials that respect the environment and only need water to work, because it works due to electrochemical reactions.

USBCell, green rechargeable batteries

You can charge these batteries easily through USB inputs on your favorite device, allowing its operation as many times as you want. Find them here.