This Is the Correct Way to Heat the Coffee in the Microwave

One of the things that rage most has to reheat coffee in the microwave because it has run cold. It is true that this drink at low temperature is not good; hence it needs a heat stroke of a few degrees more to be able to take it properly. However, many coffee growers wonder how to properly heat the coffee in the microwave to prevent this problem from happening again and again.

Coffee is a stimulating drink surrounded by an aura of mysteries and legends. Some of the secrets of coffee that you did not know are that it is a source rich in antioxidants, which helps us improve our physical performance or that helps us to prevent muscle cramps. However, among the properties of coffee is also the fact that hot coffee cools faster than we think.

The trick to heat coffee in the microwave is to adjust the power of the microwave depending on the amount of coffee in the cup or glass. Only in this way will you avoid burning the coffee or staying short and leaving it cold.

The normal thing is that for a cut in half we are just going to need 45 seconds at an approximate power of between 80 and 90% of the maximum allowed by your microwave. That is, if you have ten different power levels, you should put the roulette in 8. If still the coffee is still cold, keep it for 30 seconds more in the microwave. Repeat this process as many times as necessary until the coffee reaches the desired temperature.

Of course, keep in mind that if you reheat the coffee in the microwave the aromas will be destroyed since it was heated for the first time. The fact that coffee aromas are broken means that it loses its flavor and that it tastes rancid. To prevent this situation from happening, the best way to reheat coffee is to heat it in the fire at low temperature.

It is true that we tend to use the microwave to be the fastest alternative and more at hand we catch when we are in a hurry. The downside of it is that we make the coffee lose all its essence, its flavor and its properties. Experts always advise against reheating coffee in the microwave. So if you have a chance, opt for another way to reheat coffee.